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Death, Depression etc...............

I need help today, I found out yesterday that my uncle died, now thats not a huge issue however, once again it brings up bad memories of losing a good friend and this morning when I woke up I was miserable, I ached everywhere and I couldn't get out of bed. I was late for work and I have to go to a wake tonight, I can't handle this right now, I feel like I have become an intravert in the last 24 hours, I don't want anything to do with anyone, i just want to forget about everything including my life and just sleep. I don't know what I will do in the next two days, but I'm very upset and more scared then anything........

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i'm very sorry about your uncle, but please do not let this destroy all the hard work you've done.  you will get thru this...just keep posting - go to a meeting if you are feeling desperate.  you know that this is the hard part - you've been right here before.  there are going to be many obstacles to overcome in the future, but you can't let them drag you down.  you'll be able to handle them even better, because you will be stronger and be thinking clearly.

go to the gym or whatever you need to do to take your mind off feeling depressed...you can do this - keep telling yourself that.

p.s. how come you got to start a new thread - i can NEVER do it.
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thanks for the comment, I needed to hear from someone.  I don't know how I got to post, I guess it was a sign...........I can never post a new question!! i get so irritated.  Anyway, I'm doing a little better, I think I need to get out of here sometime soon though, I need to be by myself, and away from work, you know?
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Hey dude, plese hang on today...

I too know the pain of loosing loved ones.  I am only 24 and have buried 3 friends my age.  

This is a trying time for you.  It is Gods little test for you, he throws this on you, which is too much to bear, and wants to see if you crack right now.  Don't give in to the Dope no matter what, it will take away the pain for 4 hours, then you will have to deal with all this later.

Time by yourself is important right now.  When my best friend died 8 years ago, I didn't see daylight for a week.  All I did was lay in bed, crying occasionally.  It is a sort of spriritual cleansing that must happen.  You have every excuse to feel the way you do.

I know that being without drugs so early after you last detox, you must have a hell of a depression right now, and this on top of it is no better, but it is a test, and I believe you will make it through with flying colors.  Please don't use GWH, I don't want you to be in pain again, not for this, not for a pill.  

I suck at condolences, but please hang on, at least for today.  Life looks like **** now, but will be much better once you pass this, because you will be able to look back and see how strong you were.  That may be enough to keep you clean for life...

Post often, today you will need it, or if you want become a recluse for a week, just please don't go for the easy-out.
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i think being alone won't be good for you right now...it's been my experience that i tend to wallow and become more depressed being alone..it's a delicate time in your recovery, and it would probably be good to surround yourself with people - also, it makes it more difficult to slip up.

a few months ago, my husband went skiing and our daughter stayed at my mother's house for a couple nights.  i was completely alone and had a big article to work on...i ended up relapsing, and convincing myself that there was no one else in the world right then, no one would know about it, etc etc.  it was the worst relapse i've ever had.  looking back, i really feel that had i been around family, i wouldn't have done it.

stay strong!!
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gwh, what you are feeling is all part of the recovery process. Highs and lows!!  Please don't give up now.  Maybe the friend you lost is looking over you and can help you get through this.  Make him proud.
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does anyone want to go to the chat room?
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