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Demons in a Prescription bottle

This is what my life has come to, this is a poem that I wrote describes how I live:

Demons in a prescription Bottle
Written by:
Nicholas Warnke
I’m gonna put my Life up in his hands
I’m gonna pray to my God above everyday
to make my problems go away
I am enslaved by demons in a prescription bottle
A 30 MG line is on my mind all the time and I cant slow down the throttle
I’m beggin please from on my knees for these demons to let me go
I wont forget my wrong regrets and put my life up in his hands
I am enslaved to demons in a prescription bottle
It might take a while for me smile but my redeemers here for me
I hold my Rosary close to me and close my eyes and happy dreams are what I see
I’m gonna slay these demons in a bottle
Theres no tellin what my excuse will be tomorrow
I had a bad day, my pain won’t go away and my problems are here to stay
Its all because I am enslaved to these demons in a prescription bottle
Will I still need more tommorrow
I just want to end this road of sorrow
And maybe someday when my addiction goes away good times will finally follow
When I can stand and say that I have slain these demons in a prescription bottle
And Waive good by to Oxycontin cause that’s the problem
Shattered tears and endless fears of what I am to become
I am on the Run no where to hide cant get away from these feelings inside
Please release me from my Sins,
I am beggin please from on my knees for these demons to let me go
I sit and Pray for better days where I don’t have to be enslaved
Waiting for the sun to shine upon my face and have the wind be at my back
I still can never take back what I have lost from these demons in a prescription bottle
I wish I could slow the throttle, no telling how many I’ll need tomorrow
I need to settle down and be at peace and find my destiny
Things just  aint what they used to be
Take it back and pump the breaks and forget all my mistakes
Remembering what’s lost and can’t be found
I can’t stand these demons in a prescription bottle
Let the good roads finally follow
My pride is what I need to swallow
When my stash is gone I live in hell, damn these demons in a bottle
Up all night with cold sweats until tomorrow
The only way to feel better is these damned demons in a bottle
Love is hate and hate is love, their on my mind all the time
Up my nose is where it goes and it stands to show how much I lack control
I am enslaved to demons in a prescription bottle
I wonder what excuse I’ll have tomorrow
I had a bad day, my problems wont go away, endless excuses everyday
I cant stand this disease that’s eating me
why cant I be free from these demons in a bottle
I have decided to my addiction in his hands
Because my redeemer understands
I want to Say goodbye to the  demons in a bottle.
But will I still need more tomorrow?

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you are not alone.  many of us here could have written this.  and many of us here have successfully quit and you can too.  keep posting we are here when things get rough.  
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Very well written. I can closely relate!!!
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