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Depression after withdrawal :( Anti-Depressants??

So my question to all of you is, When do things turn around...I'm noticing myself feeling a slight bit better, but i dont feel any progession with each day or any of that...I'm taking vitamins like crazy, and it seem that i've become addicted to orange juice since quitting the pills lol..A healthy and tasty alternative :) yet so bad for teeth*damn me working in the dental field*
But really though, Have any of you noticed a difference at a certain day, I know everyone is different, and i know we can rush this processes we did it to our selves, But i have NOO motivation and some days i just wanna go home and cry :( That isnt me..I wanna be fun again BOOOOO!!!
Have any of you started anti depressants?? Did they help??

Love Always,
Molly :)
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read my post cominginoutofthedark....I work in a professional office as well..and have been off hydrocordone 1 1/2 months now...there is going to be a day that suddenly u notice when u wake up ..u have a feeling of energy and have some motivation...i promise..I would do the same thing u did ..i couldnt wait to get off work to run home and jump in bed and cry ..begging for this dark feeling to just go the hell away..it will..hang in there..i know it takes every ounce of energy just to smile..i know i have been there..still am..just farther away everyday..there are so many people like u and I who are going thru this...stay postive..
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14 minutes .To: anyone making that frist step.Its been 1 1/2 months I am off of Hydrocordone..I was on it for almost 2 years and my doctor cut me off ...I had no choice but to stop cold turkey, yes the first two weeks were the hardest..especially at night...isomnia sets in..but then one day you wake up and you feel good, engergized, and smile..it doesnt hurt to smile anymore..you find yourself not climbing into bed at 2 pm..wishing, begging for sleep to happen so u can get to another day away from hydrocordone..you suddenly dont feel like gloom..you  start cleaning your house which has been neglected..and actually smiling and playing with your children again..i started walking after work 2 miles everyday..then one day i get a call from a friend who has a pill bottle of hydrocordone..and i said "NO" i asked her not to call me ever again to see if i wanted them..I never want to go thru that dark bad place again,,it hurts way to much to go back..i finally sleep well at night..dont get me wrong the craving sometimes creeps up..but i push it away by exercising or calling a friend ..its always going to try and creep up..its always gonna be a fight..but i have made it this far and plan to distance myself even farther.God Bless to everyone who is making that first step..there is hope
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i was on antidepressants before, during and for some time after detoxing from pain pills.  i was VERY depressed somedays in the beginning, at least for the first 60 days.  I actually didnt really start to feel better until after getting off the antidepressants and xanax. If you do decide to get on antidepressants, just make sure you research them first because they could be quite difficult to get off of as well.  I also know from personal experience, my addict mind sometimes tries to tell me lies that i was more fun when i was high, so reminding myself what it actually was like helps me snap out of it.  Congrats on your clean time, you are doing great, even if it doesn't always feel like it. :)
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Hi Molly,

I am at 110 days, and while my emotions are not perfect, I find that exercise has been the key for me.  I gummed up my gimpy chassis again on the job a little and missed a week in the gym.  I felt not too positive to say the least.  Been back at it for a few days and it seems the clouds are gone.  Everyone is different, but for me at 110 days or so, my mood is a lot better.  Hang in there.

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I am so glad to hear someone else became addicted to ok also!!! I couldn't stop drinking it lol
I started on anti deppressents soon after detoxing - had been off and on them for many years prior. The one problem I had with them was doc put me on Prozac then we switched to Zoloft. Just remember your body is going to take awhile to adjust to being off pills and there will be some down and up days and it also take upto 2 monthes for you to feel effects of anti des.
This time of year is hard also( depending where you live) with there being less sunlight so be sure to try to get out into a few times a day.
Best if luck in you journey
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Addict to oj lol
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I do not have a history of depression, but I did start Zoloft a week before qutting and plan to take it for at least 30 days maybe 90 to keep away any anxiety/depression. I feel pretty good, definately manageable. I started walking about 1.5 miles a day at lunch too. The exercise really helps. Remember, the high from pills was false, it was a cover up. You have to teach your body that you will not have that feeling. Best of Luck.
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For me, the depression and bad fog was about 25 days. At 43 days, it's pretty darn good. Luckily, im one of those cork on the waves, happy go lucky people. I've had tremendous loss the past 5 years, unbearable. I used to cope. Im wary of PAWS coming on... and prepping now with therapy and new supplements. So far so good!  

I love you are addicted to oj... lol!  My motivation is to add to my tracker each day that my substance use is zero. Plus i pray for no night sweats!
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I have struggled with depression most of my adult life so it was hard for me to know what was what after I quit. After almost 2 months of trying all the OTC herbal meds, teas, sleep stuff and vitamins I finally went to my doc. I started Cymbalta and a short term sleep med and am feeling so much better just from sleep alone.  Keep in my if you are thinking about an antidepressant, it does takes a couple weeks or so to be effective. We are all different and I guess I knew my breaking point and I was starting to really lose it. Talk to your doctor and just stay away from benzos. Best of luck!
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My experience w/anti-depressants (AD)......on one kind or another for 10 yrs!  A long.....time.
I am 117 days clean (off hydros & soma)  and have been off antidepressants for that long as well.  I just decided I hadn't really given my seratonin levels a chance to level out.....or see what they are.....or would be like without a reuptake med for an extremely long time.

I'd like to find out.  I have days when my atrophied muscles, slow physical progress & stamina really depress me.  But I don't STAY depressed.
I tried everything from Zoloft (then they went generic), to Cymbalta (had terrible side affects & identified at least 10 adverse side effects on the Rx med guide) so asked to be taken off that one, then Lexapro (which I did really, really well on....but then had to switch because of no insurance & the high cost), and finally to fluoxetine (Prozac).  I took that along with my pain meds and nerve damage med (gabapentin) Neurotin.
When I started this whole "get clean" mission.....just FOR ME.....I am trying to see how I am with no Rx's in me........after all, I had been on an AD for 10 long yrs.  I'm sure it will take my brain time to produce, heal and balance out my neurotransmitters as well as heal the gaba receptors that the nerve med affected.  I truly am still having "weird" physical things happen to me......but I've only been off gabapentin for 40 days.
And only been clean of hydros 117 days.

We are each different.....and as old as I'm getting.......I just want to give my body and brain one last hurrah.....before I decide that I absolutely cannot do this life w/o an AD.  
Wait and see......is my new motto.....
But many people feel they can't handle the periods of depression w/o meds.  It's such a personal choice.  Just thought I'd share my current deal w/that topic.  Blessings to you~~
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Thank  you all so much for your responses, Its always nice to know your not alone lol and  yea it seems that orange juice is all i ever want lol Better than pills i guess right!!!
I have been trying to keep my body as "clean" as possible i dont really want to start and anti-depressant i just want to feel better i guess. I want to put as few things as i can in my body. I already have bad A.D.D so i'm on Adderall XR for that and that's the only thing i take now, I didnt want to add another medication to that list!
I have been taking the L-tyrosie around 1000mg sometimes a little more a day and i also take the Stress B complex *love that* but i'm thinking may i should add the Sam-E or the 5thp?? or whatever it's called...are any of you taking any other vitamins or supplements that you have noticed a differece with...
I need to start working out, i just have NO motivation and the fact that i do have a back problem, i know once i start working out again my back will start hurting again and than it'll be even harder to not take a pill
DAM* cycle

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