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Do you think that this is a good idea?  Should you try and ask your doctor to change your antidepressant medication often?  By often, I mean this:  If you've been on a particular medication for a number of months, and you start getting depressed again, wouldn't it be wise to try another medication?  Especiallly for someone like me who has been treated for depression for the past 40 years?

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Yes, as long as you've given enough time for your med's to soak into your system.  Your doctor should know if the time has been enough to see progress.

antidepressants are tricky, I myself had to go through an able amout to find what works for me.

I'm wondering if you've had depression for 40 years and you have'nt found a medication that works, could something eles be going on?

Just a thought.
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YES!! Have you tried uping the amount. I started taking 20 mg of prozac and after a couple of weeks starting feeling much better. I would describe it as "level", none of the crappy up and down. After about 6 months I started getting the blues so I talked with my doc and went to 40 mg. It was perfect for me. Even two years later.

I dont  know if it was just me or not but I tried  wellbutrian ( I think) and it didnt seem affective, so maybe differnt brands work better with different people.
Good Luck!!!
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ive met people in 12 step meetings trying to recover from  pharmacutical antidepressants.

try amino acids, they can be more effective with zero side effects.
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I also tried wellbutrin--it didn't help at all.  Before that, and for nearly 30 years the (practically) only antidepressant I had taken was elavil (amitryptilline).  After wellbutrin, I am now taking Lexapro.  It's probably working.  If it continues to do so, then that's great!.  If it stops, maybe I should change medication again, or change the dose of the Lexapro.  I'm hoping that the klonipin + seroquel sleep medications will be okay--that is; that they won't cause any kinds of interactions.
Thanks for your comments.
Bud from Ga
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I tried tyrosine and phenylalanine several years ago (about 25 years ago) and they made me paranoid.  I had illusions=delusions--some friends had to drive me home from work.  I think that these amino acids did produce those crazy side effects.
But, thanks for your comments.
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