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I don’t really know how to begin this. I am having such a hard time.

The depression has hit me like a bomb.I knew it was coming, but not like this.  I find myself crying over the smallest thing. Throughout my life I have been on so many anti-depressants, but nothing has ever worked for me. I fear trying that route again.

I have absolutely no appetite. I have lost 8 lbs since being of the Suboxone, 13 days ago. I can’t sleep. I have gotten 10 hours total in the last three nights.

I feel like every time I post something, it is not helpful. It is like my words have no meaning. How can I try and help someone else when I can’t help myself? I don’t even want to answer any posts for fear I will say something wrong and hurt someone.

This is just not me. I don’t know where to turn. I had to get this out. It is choking me. Thanks all for listening.
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I too fought depression it hit me like a ton of bricks and I had to learn how to deal with it......
may i ask you some questions....

are you single?
are you working?
are you close to family?
do you have good health insurance?
do you rent or own?
how old are you?
male or female?
do you own a car?
are u married?
boyfriend or girlfriend?
did u come from an abusive childhood?
do u have core issues?
how are you dealing with your core issues?
do you have close friends?
are you parents alive?
are you close to your parents?
do u have siblings?
are you close to your siblings?
how long have you been using?
how long have you been clean?
do you go to N/A?
do you see a counselor?
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If you would like to talk in the privacy of yahoo IM my user name is    beachtowel1
send me an invite with a short message so I know who you are and I would be glad to talk with you about anything anytime......
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Thank you.........thank you........
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Honey...I'm so sorry you're dealing with this depression.  I wish I knew what to suggest, but I'm not the best person to help with this.  I'll say a prayer for you and I'm sure others will have some suggestions.  I'll be around if you want to talk, though.

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Hi Hun! Thank you. Just to know there is someone here..well, it helps. This is harder than getting off the drugs.
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This is part of that ugly psychological withdrawal we all go through.  I've been lucky, I guess...I get anxiety, but never depression.  I wish I knew what to tell you to do about it.  I've only been really depressed for more than a few hours once in my life and that lasted for years...it was situational, not clinical, but I chose to deal with it by taking drugs...hence my addiction!  If I had just faced it and dealt with it, I would not be where I am today.  The cause of the depression was my Daddy's diagnosis and subsequent death from terminal cancer.  That one really threw me.  My Mom is 78 and slowly subcombing to Alzheimer's.  As close as I was to my Dad, I'm even closer to my Mom.  I know I have to be prepared, but how do you prepare yourself??  

Anyway...I'm talking about me, and you're the one with the problem right now.  What can I do for you, if anything?  I'll be here for a while, so please let me know if I can help, okay??

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