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I was curious, do you think quitting an addiction, while dealing with depression that hasn't been treated...possible?

Anyone done it?

Or should you start resolving the depression, before quitting c/t.

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Did you have depression before the addiction? This is the first question you have to answer. If not, then it may be that the addiction is, at least in part, causing the depression. If yes, then I will have to defer to more knowledgeable posters.
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I was mildy depressed for a while. Then got addicted to oxy because they were around me. After my father passed away, the depression got severe. Before the mild depression I did any street drug that was around me, only purchased twice. But, never got addicted to the meth, coke, weed, u name it.
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I have been struggling with depression practically all my life and have been taking prozac for 8 years.  The prozac, when I take it, turns me into a totally different person.  Once I decided I wanted to quit taking pills I knew damn well that I would be 100x more successful if I was managing my depression with medication because everytime I have tried to quit in the past, I have gotten SO depressed that it was unbearable.  Physical w/d symptoms aside, I personally think you will be much more successful if you handle your depression before you get off pills.  Remember most anti-depressants take 4-6 weeks for full effects to kick in so you may want to get started sooner rather than later.
I remember when I started prozac 8 years ago I told my doc that I didn't see how taking a freakin pill could possible cure all the depression I felt but it did, it helped give me my life back.
I am starting c/t from hydro and oxys tomorrow and I started my prozac again about 3 weeks ago for that very reason.  I know it is helping tremendously and I hope you will do the same!
Best wishes!
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My opinion is that any type of controlled substance can be mind-altering and lead to depression. Maybe if you can get off the oxys and stay off for a month or 2 the depression will take care of itself. It may SEEM like it's getting worse during withdrawal, but that's just your body adjusting. I would say let's try to kick the oxys first, then re-evaluate.
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That is a good point!  I know that oxys/hydro has contributed a great deal to my depression taking me to my lowest "low" of all time!
Also, there is something known as alcohol-induced depression and that could be true of any substance.
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I know for me depression and pills go hand in hand.  When life seems unbearable the only thing that works is a little pill.  I used to just take scipt meds for recreational use and then my niece was tragically murdered.  It sent me into an addiction that I'm still trying to pull myself out of. I don't think I can be treated for depression while on pills b/c I don't see myself as depressed while on them.  Does that make any sense?  I took them so I couldn't feel and I could be someone else.  When the fog goes away, my mind starts to come back.  Sometimes it scares me into doing more and sometimes I think to myself, "wtf am I doing?"  I think if I can just get clean, I can work on everything else.  But not until then.    
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