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Detox on day 7...just need advice

My husband and I started using oxy about 3 years ago. I remember taking a 20 and feeling like heaven. Husband could barely handle a 20 at the time.  From there we were introduced to 80's and started snorting those.  Long story short three years later no more savings and a house we sold for profit with the intention to quit.  We had fun for a month after we sold the house fun with those devil white fentynal.  Believe it or not we though they were oxy for a long time.  
Today is one week of our detox.  We stared with the Tomas recipe and the first three days are a complete blur.  A doctor prescribed my husband lorazepam and clonidine.  After that we had zero energy so we took ginseng to help.  Thank god we cold both be off work for a week. We also run a home business and it's been so hard doing anything.  We slipped up on Friday, thought we'd celebrate how awesome we've been doing.  Well that was fun but Saturday sucked!  We felt withdraws, we got into a huge fight because my husband was happy that I wanted to go tot he gym and not sit around.  But I felt like **** the next day.  I know it took everything in him to not make that call to get more. Now it's Sunday and withdrawals are staying at bay with with rest.  I'm back to work tomorrow and nervous that I'm going to fall over. I can't wait to be the person I know I am.  I feel like we both lost three years of our lives.
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I'm still getting hot flashes.  I beleive I have anxiety but it hard to differentiate what it's coming from
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Congrats to you and your husband it takes time to get back to normal I was taking over 200mg oxy a day prescribe to me for my back but I was running out early buying them I knew I had a problem I lost 4 yrs of my life I was there but not really wasn't  sure you get that you need aftercare get to meetings that's huge meetings keep us posted  I'm of 5 months clean you a and your husband can do it keep your chin up
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Hi and welcome to the forum....well your detox was a success so on to part 2 of doing this...Aftercare....there are many forms and I have tryed most  first 1 on 1 with the pastor of my church then a addiction therapist...then a substance abuse counselor  but it was ans is the rooms of N/A that have givin me my life back....it is free....there are meetings everywhere it will give you some place to share where the people will understand and not judge you...the most amazing thing....with time  and working the steps you will loose the very desire to use....something I thought was impossible ...N/A treats the addict inside our heads... it is alive and well long after the pills stop....I may have the monkey off my back.....but the circus is alive and well in my head....even if you just go a listen you will realize your not the only one that thinks this way...so step out of your comfort zone and google a N/A meeting near you and go....if it will work for a old dope fiend like my after 35yrs of using it will wok for anyone honest with them selves  also keep posting here for support....if you have questions feel free to ask
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P.S.....those that go to meetings tend to stay clean
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I agree with Gnarly about aftercare. I recently learned that abstinence is not the same thing as recovery. This is a lesson I've learned first hand although I didn't have a name for it until recently.

I'm an alcoholic. I quit on my own and was sober for two years before opiates came into my life and I traded my alcoholism for opiate addiction and again began the downward spiral again, and at an even faster pace than before. I figured that because I quit drinking alcohol, my problem was solved. Boy was I wrong. Since I never felt with the reason I am an addict, my addiction resurfaced with tornado force.

Find a counselor, go to meetings, continue posting on support groups, and learn as much about addiction as possible. Without support you have a much lower chance of remaining clean. You have to learn what to do next time you feel like you "deserve a reward for your good progress." You have to learn that when you're an addict, there is no safe amount of any drink or drug and that you will end up right back where you ended a week ago if you fail to believe that.

Congratulations on your progress so far. Please don't believe that your addiction is cured by not using. Please get into recovery so that you never have to go through the hell that is opiate withdrawl ever again.

I've only been clean just under a month, but I've found so much freedom in making the commitment to deal with the cause of my addiction. I've made the commitment to learn anything and everything I need to ensure that I will never again be controlled by a drug and that I will do whatever it takes to remember every day that true happiness cannot be found in a pill.

Stay strong.  
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