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I have been on percocets and norcos for 9 months after 2 surgeries. Now been 3 days without pain meds and i am miserable. What do you suggest I do?
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Miserable with pain or withdrawals?
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Can you give us a little more info??  How much have you been using?  If you are refferring to WD when you say you are miserable, being 3 days into it, then you are at the worst part.  But it will be over soon.  You will start to feel better really soon....so if it is your goal to get off of them....then just hang on and ride it out.  You are almost thru the worst of it.
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questions asked above r important to answer so we can relate

is it the pain u used them for that is the culprit?  or the urge to use them as ur mental well-being is craving the fake normalcy the pills gave u

If it is true pain, u may need to discuss this with ur dr..if it is a craving/that ui need them to get going..then u r in the right place

keep posting
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