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Detoxing from Fentanyl Patch

I've been on 75 mcg Fentanyl Patches for about nine years.  It's time to detox.  I already know it's going to be bad...all you have to do is have a patch fall off or forget to change your patch to realize that withdrawals is a huge problem from hell.  My current plan is to reduce 25 mcg at a time and tough it out; however, I was wondering if anyone out there found a rehab faciliity to be helpful.  I have good insurance and there's a facility locally, but since my problem is a drug dependancy problem rather than a drug abuse problem I'm not sure they could bring anything to the table.  I need medical help with dealing with the withdrawals only.  Once I'm through that, I'll have no problem staying away from all pain medications.  I've already discontinued all breakthrough pain medications and allthough it's have it available I don't take it because it's not the direction I want to go. Any other helpful recommendations would be appreciated.
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Hi I woke up a bit early and saw your post. Just hang in and keep reading this site. There are alot of great people on here that will help you. They will be rolling in soon. HANG IN!!!!!!!
My experience was mostly with the other opites but methedone became the beast.  Talk to a Dr. reg this info if needed. A rehab can help but some have you go c/t but they do give you none addictive med to ease you... However I am going into my 6month and have seen the blessing on this post from people who have made it threw there detox and recovery from here......KEEP IN TOUCH IT WORKS HERE!!!!!!!!!!
God Bless
Keep on Truckin and don't look back
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I have a connective tissue disease called Dermatomyositis and I have been on the patch for two years. Recently I had a problem with the pharmacy refilling the patch one patch early. (It had fallen off.) My doctor prescribed my new patches three days early but they refused to fill it even though insurance cleared it.Since it was a Friday at 7pm and my doctor had gone out of town, I was stuck.It was the worse,  most horrible experience of my life. I went from a 75mcg patch to nothing. I did have a prescription for Lortab I had never filled, thank God but it barely helped. I really should have gone to the ER. I had horrible sweats, my body had spasms and seizures. I couldn't be still, had body contortions. I can't express the importance of titrating down. 50, 25, 12, then Hydrocodone, THEN nothing. Good luck. By the way, when I called my doctor the following Monday he was furious. He called the pharmacy and let them have it.
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I tapered of Fentanyl & it was rough but doable.  You may want to use the pills after coming off the patch to help.  I only suggest this because you're dependent, like I was.  The suggestions here will help.  If you prefer to go somewhere, there are medical detoxes & they'll give you things to help.  Your physician should be able to give you things to help.  Personally, I think Fentanyl is not the right drug to treat CP.  It takes somewhat longer to come off than the pills.  Make sure you drink plenty of fluids.
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