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Dixie, bring out your 2x4!!!  Im craving.............. grrrrrrrrrrr
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Dixie, I'm not craving but my husbands making me mad....Can we get 2 of those???
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me too!
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Ok Wow. Smacking both u and Akita upside the head!  Lol and self I take Hubby out with the 4x4 Lmbo!!!! Ok people. Let's talk.
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JC.... Wth??? So what brought this on. Seriously knock this crap off. U have come this far my friend. I'm not letting u slip. Didn't u just say ur feeling good etc??!! Really??!  Ok come on then. F those Fing pills. We don't need them. U think u crave it but ur really craving my 2x4 ok. So here's a good whack upside ur head. Hold yourself. Breath.... What happened??? What got u thinking???!!! Talk to me !!!
Akita ... U doing ok??  Do u need to talk
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Hey... I just sent u a private message too if u need to talk ok... I'm Waiting and hoping ur ok!!!! Stay strong or at least til u get the 2x4 hit ok. I'm holding u mister!!! U better have stayed strong ok!!!!Big hugs!!!
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i am doing good.  I just wanted one of your 2x4s to smack my boss today.  I felt left out. LOL  Thank u for caring & asking though:)
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Lol!!! Well now!!!! Ok. Well I'll just start swinging away!!!:) glad ur ok chick. Lol u crack me up
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Hey Dixie,

I made it through.  Thank you!  I had a board meeting last night then went straight home.  I will go to your message and tell you whats going on.  I need a friend, so I might have to dump everything on you.  LOL  


24 days and counting!  
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24 for u and 32 for me!!! Woo hoo!!! We are bad!!! I'm glad u stuck it out!! Ready to be dumped on...;) bring it on!!! I got ur back!!! Big hugs my friend!!!
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Dearest Dixie..May I borrow said 2 x 4 and use it on just about everyone around me?  Maybe you could shotgun this?  Wicked week.  But I'm CLEAN.  Missing you.
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My dear Waz... Been missing u!!! 41 days for u!!! How awesome are u!!! Hope ur daughter had a great bday. I was going to send a search party out for u... As for weapons.... What do u want ?? 2x4,,, detox pistole??? I'll hook u up my dear!!! I always got ur back!!! Missing u!!! Glad ur clean. Woo hoo!!!  Mad love darling!!!!
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Thewaz you have to smack me with it as well! I relapsed again and I really need to toughen up and detox !!
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Awe kellkell I'm sorry Hun.... We gotta get tough on u don't we???!!  What's going on??? U doing ok right now??
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