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Do i go back on my meds?

This is my first time posting.I have been taking perocet. 10s for about 8months.I stoped cold turkey three weeks ago,still feeling like ****.I take 1 milagram of zanax to help with the anxiety.Before taking the perocets i was taking celexa for 6 years and got off the celexa while taking the perocets.Now that iam off the perocets iam feeling withdrawls can that be from not taking my meds?Iam thinking about getting back on the meds.What do you think?Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and hope to hear something real soon.
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congrats on 3 weeks clean, not sure what meds you are talking about going back on, not the perocet I hope. please give more information on what meds. take care, remember one day at a time.
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nooooo! im sorry, but to be honest if you ever go back, it all goes right back to the way it was...your body goes right back.  once addicted or dependent on meds, always addicted or dependent, this is something we now have to face for the rest of our lives.  Is there something else you can take that is not an opiate??  are you have phsyical withdrawals or PAWS, post acute withdrawal (depression, numbness, ect..)?  

3 weeks is amazing, you have to keep going though, i relapsed 4 times because i thought after time i can go back for only what i need...i was stupid enough to believe it everytime even after the times before didnt work  :(....thats why now i know i have to leave opiates for good, forever...Also 1mg xanax is very strong, you could also be trading one addiction for another, so please becareful, ive done that also...if you are prescribed try and get a lower dose of klonopin, it has a longer half life and its safer...you will have more anxiety from those pills in the end then going without...after i quit xanax afew years back i had extreme anxiety from everything i did for about 6 months till they finally went away...

hope that helps.  keep it up.  3 weeks cold turkey is a huge accomplishment..
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Now that iam off the perocets iam feeling withdrawls can that be from not taking my meds?

What meds are you referring too? The celexa?? I don't quite understand what you are asking or saying, could you clarify?? Thanks
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I know this person..I thought a forum would be benificial for him.. He is referring to his anti depressant celexa. I think he needs to get back on this because I believe he may be mixing up some of his depression symptoms with all the withdrawels hes been going through.. I just think its too much to try to get off everything at once...What do you guys think??? He could really use your advice and support..
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I know that everyone is different and everyone on this post will be very leary of hearing you taking xanax. I am on day 6 of withdrawal from vicoden and am very depressed. I like you was on an antidepressent before the euphoric effect I had from vicoden which started the whole problem. Everyone is different, the xanax 1mg has help me tremendsly thru this withdrawal because I have severe anxiety. BUT, be careful like they say. I know from past experience I do not have any sort of addiction problem with xanax. I use it only when necessary(extreme circumstances) then taper off of it. I am also doing all the supplement thru this withdrawal ex. Vitiman C(up to 2000 mg 3x a day, go slow!!), magnesium in the form of chelated(especially take 1,000mg of that at bed time with 1500 mg of calcium that will help with the leg cramps. I am taking 1tsp a day of nordic naturals fish oil in the liquid form(the ultimate one) this is on the suggestion of a nutritionist and fish oil is wonderful for depression and overall brain and heart health. I take that on top of my antidepressent which used to be celexa but now is prestiq(a new one). Yes, you need to go back on your antidepressent(i feel) to help you during this time because not only may you be going into a depression from being off of your antidepressents, but also because depression is a very large side effect of withdrawal from drugs. Some people do it all naturally, but some of us need a boost of perscription antidepressents to help if we are prone to depression anyway. Everything I mentioned can be taken with an antidepressent but be careful with amino acids with anti depressents, they are very important during this detox time but ck with your doc or psychiatrist. I take L-tyrosine 2 pills twice a day on an empty stomach with Vit B to help absorb. This amino acid helps to make dopamine in your brain again, which your brain has stopped making due to the narcotics. This is a safe one with an antidepressent but not with an maoi antidepressent. it sounds like you are on a ssri. Anyway, you can email me in privite if you would like, I am right there with you. My anxiety and depression are so up and down right now I am so very scared. Depression to me is the most aweful thing in life. You cannot feel a bit of love for anyone including yourself. But I go day by day, minute by minute if I must. You must keep yourself busy as hard as it is to even get out of bed. IT WILL go away in time!!! It seems it never will, but it will!!!!! I could really use someone to talk to myself.On my 6th day of no vicoden I am feeling hopeful one moment of the day and rock bottom the next. I was so happy when I had gone thru depression in the past(suicidal depresson) and mine are usually due to some sort of life change. But then I had a euphoric feeling taking vicoden one time and liked it(didn't do it on purpose, had a migraine) and I totally let it get out of hand. I felt purpose and energy with it and now I feel I have to have it. So now there are two battles to deal with. I know with the grace of god that my depression will go away and in my case,I don't believe the saying once an addict always an addict. 12 steps have helped so many, but for me I am very spiritural but I will not say forever that I am powerless over drugs. this is not in my history, and people have recovered so obviously they are not powerless. The grace of god is so helpful to us during the time we feel powerless. But the power is within us and this is not WHO we are. Right now in my life I feel I am a person who has become dependent on drugs to get thru the day. I feel the first and foremost step is to detoxify, find the best program or one on one help that fits for you to help with the emotional cravings and get to the core reason of why you felt you needed to take them to get by everyday. That is hard to do. When you work on the reason and know that you lived without them before, you can get there again. And most important you need to get your body and brain balanced again. If its antidepressents that help, surrender to them, if affordable, a nutritionist is wonderful to have as well as some acupuncture. That worked wonders for me. Yes, I am  depressed, but have been in much worse shape. I just pray I can kick this horibble urge to go get the pills and know I will one day enjoy the simple pleasures in life again without the pills.I can't even believe I'm saying this cause in 10 mininutes I might feel the black cloud so much that i don't want to live. We all need each other.
God Bless!!
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Yes it is too much, in some cases, as in some already on anti depressants....im not an expert, but from my docters advice (though im not taking it) he wanted me on an anti-depresant for at least a month after getting sober, to help with the depression that comes after words.  Im not really depressed though at times i feel down....its all a process and its gets better., but if was taking anti depressants then he shouldnt stop that right now and wait at least a month or so, to get over his opiate addicition first...
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I agree with some of the otherposts..I think he should get on his anti-depressants while detoxing it is too much to get off everything at once. Good luck
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