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Do opiates kill sex drive?

Just wondering if even a small amount of opiates would kill your sex drive. My husband has been taking smallish amounts for 2 weeks now for back pain and his sex drive is completely gone as is his desire for affection. He isn't doing a legal narcotic either, it's poppy tea..wonder if anyone is familiar with that stuff..
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Yes any opiate will kill the libido.. some faster than others.
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yes, yes and yes.
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it never bothered my libido (i know that is strange)  but it killed my husbands, he doesnt even know if it works anymore...(LOL)
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lick it and find out?
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It's funny but it seems more men complain of this side effect than woman. I'm not sure what to make of that. Laides?
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Im a "lady" and yes, it absolutely KILLED my drive! Hoping to get that back soon or my boyfriend's gonna become reaquainted with his hand. On the other hand, I just bought him a vibrating "vagina". So he COULD always use that.

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On the other hand, I just bought him a vibrating "vagina".

LMFAO you go girl......
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Poppy-tea - from the opium poppy.  Opium is the mother to all painkillers. Narcotics make pee-pee no workie.. and hubby not care.  Feels good already, right?

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my tongue is raw from all the licking....any other suggestions?
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Yes, killed my libido, but not my fiance's.  Sucks.  
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I take 30mg's a day of Lortab, and have never affected my libido, now time to ejaculate is a different story. I already had a problem with taking way to long to ***, but man, now it takes ******* forever, which some girls like, and some don't. Never had trouble getting it up or keeping it up though. In fact, it'll stay up alot longer while I'm on opiates, it's just the problem of ejaculation.
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