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Do you lose the weight that methadone puts on you?

I have been on methadone for 2 years. I am 5'5 and before methadone 125. In the last 2 years i gained 90lbs!! Yes 90.
My doctor said that is was the mehtadone. I have detoxed off methadone, while the weight go away.
I go the gym 3-4 days a week. and while on it ,could NEVER lose weight.  
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This is a tough one. I'd guess you are a woman and it is harder for women to loose gained weight. I spent years on methadone and know people who had these excessive gains on done but I never gained. I don't know any long term overweight methadonians who ever got off the done so you are to be commended for this. I think you can loose it but it has to be a combination of diet and exersize. All the best and congrts for getting off the done
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Are you still on methadone? and yes..you will lose the weight. i gained @ 20 lbs while i was on that ****..Almost everyone does that I have heard.
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I lost 20 pounds real fast after I got off methadone, which ten would have been ok, but 20 was a bit much. But Im healthy & happy, so I guess I shouldnt complain. Are you currently still on methadone? Take Care Penelope
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The reason that you couldn't lose the weight while using is that pain meds slow down your metabolism.  It is a side effect that few talk about.  It is very difficult to lose while taking throughout the day.  One has some chance if only taken at night but other than that it is hard.  Now that you are quit, keep hitting the gym and you will start to see a difference in no time.
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I assure you wil lose the weight.  I was on methadone for 5 years and went from 145lbs to 225lbs in that time, granted for my height 145# was too thin, but 225 is insane!  I dropped my dose from 460mgs to 30mgs and started Suboxone.  Started sub on march 25th and I have gone from 225lbs to 160lbs!  One that Sh** is out of your system you will feel and look amazing!

Best regards-
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I;m glad you lost your done weight. How long do they want to keep you on sub?
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