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Do you lose the weight that methadone puts on you?

I have been on methadone for 2 years. I am 5'5 and before methadone 125. In the last 2 years i gained 90lbs!! Yes 90.
My doctor said that is was the mehtadone. I have detoxed off methadone, while the weight go away.
I go the gym 3-4 days a week. and while on it ,could NEVER lose weight.  
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This is a tough one. I'd guess you are a woman and it is harder for women to loose gained weight. I spent years on methadone and know people who had these excessive gains on done but I never gained. I don't know any long term overweight methadonians who ever got off the done so you are to be commended for this. I think you can loose it but it has to be a combination of diet and exersize. All the best and congrts for getting off the done
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Are you still on methadone? and yes..you will lose the weight. i gained @ 20 lbs while i was on that ****..Almost everyone does that I have heard.
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I lost 20 pounds real fast after I got off methadone, which ten would have been ok, but 20 was a bit much. But Im healthy & happy, so I guess I shouldnt complain. Are you currently still on methadone? Take Care Penelope
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The reason that you couldn't lose the weight while using is that pain meds slow down your metabolism.  It is a side effect that few talk about.  It is very difficult to lose while taking throughout the day.  One has some chance if only taken at night but other than that it is hard.  Now that you are quit, keep hitting the gym and you will start to see a difference in no time.
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I assure you wil lose the weight.  I was on methadone for 5 years and went from 145lbs to 225lbs in that time, granted for my height 145# was too thin, but 225 is insane!  I dropped my dose from 460mgs to 30mgs and started Suboxone.  Started sub on march 25th and I have gone from 225lbs to 160lbs!  One that Sh** is out of your system you will feel and look amazing!

Best regards-
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I;m glad you lost your done weight. How long do they want to keep you on sub?
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Yes you do lose the weight. I gaine 100 pounds and lost it all within 5 months of getting off the methadone. And I too was on it for 2 years. Methadone is evil and if you ever want your figure back...get off it.
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Im at 90mg and I want to drop to 20mg will I start loosing weight? if i stay on a low dose ? I do not want to get off Methadone It's the best thing that has happend to me.....I started off at 150lbs and now Im at 200lbs what a shame=(
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Hmm, I don't think a lower dose loses you any of that pituitary gland methadone water weight and fat. It really *****, I know I've gained 40 lbs, over 2 yrs . And work hard daily and not change eating habits I know how frustrating it is. I'm making the switch the suboxone as we speak. I've researched It's much easier to switch to a short term opiate for 4 weeks while the methadone leaves your body and YES it really does take 4 weeks....
Then to the suboxone.  I've heard once you're on suboxone the weight falls off, and I have a good friend doing really well with it. God willing, it will finally be Freedom for me. My doctor stopped prescribing my methadone, and threw me on to one of those clinics, which was absolute HELL. No one deserves the **** they put you through, and treat you sub-human.  
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i was on mehtadone on and off for 10 yrs, i lost a bunch of weight when i got clean in 04, probably because i was too nervous to eat, adn had to walk to work and na meetings
now i am going back up with my weight, because of a food addiction
it all depends on the person, i know some people on sub. that are thin, but most sub patients have the same problem with sub they had with methadone, i did not have the energy on sub or methadone to exercise
we are all different, its just one of those questions, that will be answered with time
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I have just recently starting tapering down my methadone from 70mg and in just three weeks I have lost seven pounds.  A lot of it may be I feel like **** a lot of the time when I am coming down and don't want to eat but I can already tell a difference in the craving sugar all the time.  Sometimes it just becomes a lifestyle thing you get used to, the way you eat, not really wanting to do a lot, but if you're going to the gym you are on the right track.  Be patient.  Sometimes it really does take, I think it's something like 6 months to 2 years for your body to go back to how it was before the methadone
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Im glad you asked i'm going through the same thing, it is hard to loose weight on met. I have been on met for 11 years, was always thin then  i went up to 255 lbs it has taken me 112 moths of dieting and working insanely hard at the gym to get to 220. i should be at 180 190 my orignal dose was 140 Im now at 28 when I drop I drop slow. Also acupunture works wonders  
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Thank you so much for this string of posts!  I thought I was losing it (mind-wise, not weight-wise).  I was about 130 lbs when I began to take long term pain management meds in 2006.  I have gained 40 lbs (I was up to 172 but have worked like hell on my eating habits and have lost 10 lbs...)   I just rececently plateaued at 162.  I know that working out would make a difference but being as I am in need of 2 hip replacements and no Docs want to touch me until I turn 50 I am pretty limited to just a short stroll 2-3 times a day.  (Hey, why wouldn't want to wait 15 more years until I turn 50...?)  

I too have had the issue with sweets and soda so i have revamped my kitchen cupboards so temptation doesn't win.  I buy no more soda and sweets, I drink lots of water, and when I do want a little something different I drink Iced tea (with VERY little or no sugar) and Crystal lite makes little packets you can add to water bottles in various flavors (some even add fiber to your diet and heaven knows a methadone and oxycodone patient needs that!)  Take care all and God bless you and your health!
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I gained over 100 lbs on methadone.  I have always been a bit over weight, but the Methadone really made me want to eat like all the time....when I started to wean down I slowly began taking some of the weight off.....
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I can sya I have lost weight when I switched from methadone to suboxone. I don't know y! I don't have sugar craving nemore.  That's a big help.
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I am 39 years old & I have been on pain meds for about 7 years, First on MS Contin which seemed to work fine for me,for years, &  then my Dr switched me over to Methadone  10 Mg, 10+ pills throughout the day. I am 5'2 & have always weighed 119-120lbs  My whole life, size 5/6 in jeans etc I could eat 3 whoppers, & candy bar  10 sodas & never gain an ounce ever!!  Ever Since the Dr put me on methadone, these past 3 years have been a living Hell , I look like I am 8/9 months pregnant & I weigh 165 lbs now. I cannot loose the weight no matter how hard I try. I was shocked to hear Methadone makes you crave sweets because Im ALWAYS in the kitchen looking for something sweet, & when I find it I cant stop eating it you can actually feel the cravings for sugar. I woke up one morning & did my usual routine & by lunch time went to get a snack & grabbed the wheat thins, & as soon as I bit into one,, 2 teeth just broke loose, 2 days later another tooth broke loose & they all fell out within a week or so. So, that explains the rotting teeth from the inside out, its from the methadone as everyone says. My Dr told me that she THINKS I may have Diabetes type 2, & thats why I've gained  all this weight, she says?!  well, that is not good enough, I wanna know for sure! so,  Im having blood work done in a couple days again Cuz I wanna know for sure if its diabetes or not, so I know what to do, & if  its normal then I'll know for a fact its the Methadone causing all this, After reading so many articles about methadone, I was shocked because It all pertains to what I'm going thru, which makes me angry because I asked my doctor if Methadone makes you gain weight, & she said no. BUT she did tell me there is a pill out there now you can take 2 times a week & it prevents you from having withdrawls from methadone for people that want to get off of it. So Im gonna try that & see if it works. cuz Im tired of crying just looking at myself in the mirror & looking & feeling like  the biggest Hippo in the world. My stomach is so bulged out its discusting. My butt & legs are dimpling, & I look,& feel so Gross! All my clothes are size 5,& 6,  I dont have  Just want my body, & life back, & mostly I want this this weight to go away ,for good!  I will let you ll know what the blood test show.
Thank you.
Jennifer, Marana AZ
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I have been on methadone for four years. I started taking my sisters to get high and then I had my doctor prescribe it to me for pain because i have two bulging discs in my neck. I have gained 50lbs since i started. I feel so embarrassed to go out and my stomach looks like i am pregnant. I gained as soon as i started the methadone and now I just want to stop. I lost my job six months ago and i want to quit the methadone before i find a new job so that i am not sick while working because i will just start taking them again. I am praying that this weight comes off when i quit. Listening to all these stories have really made me believe that i am not crazy. These damn pills have ruined my life and i need to quit right now.As far as i am concerned i took my last dose this morning. Good luck to all of you and I will keep you posted.
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I hope you dont just stop taking the methadone you will be really sick and it is dangerous. I too am on methadone and it has saved my life and helped me live some kind of life.  Still not the best I can do!!  My doc weened me off methadone over a 5 month period my highest dose was 120mg for about 8 yrs. It helped alot for my back pain.  However when I got my dose down to about 70mgs I started losing weight about 20 pds and the sweet cravings were not as bad.  Once I was done with the doc, (halfway thru the weening process) I put my name on the list for a methadone clinic.  I knew once the doc was done with me I would have been hunting for another doc & my insurance ***** so it would have been impossible to find anyone. Now I have been going to the methadone clinic for almost 2 yrs. and am back up to 130mg.  In away I kind of wish I would have stayed off.  However doing it this way one dose a day has helped me and now I am ready to start going down on my dose and cant wait to start losing weight.  I wake up in the middle of the night and crave sugar.  I eat so many twix bars, cookies anything I have,  it is so sick,  I wrote so much to get to the fact that you will lose weight when you just go down a little and the lower you get the more you will lose.  I am so grateful of my clinic and the people that work there.  Good luck everyone!!
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I got off that $&@& last may, after being on 190mg for six long years. I was 165 and within the first six months I went up to 225. Some years later I joined a gym, it made me so weak I couldn't do a single push up, I pushed myself running 7 miles a day and watching what I ate but would only loose about 10 pounds.
After getting of that dreaded drug I went down to 175 within a few months.
What pissed me off the most is that the medical staff at the clinic would flat out lie to you saying that methadone doesn't effect your weight "it's your life improvement that did it now that you don't run around looking for dope"  what a bunch of horse $&@&!!!! Methadone detox ***** big time but suboxone helps a lot. I would have never got off that S&!* if my mom didn't put me in rehab where I was placed on suboxone detox.
It feels so good to go down to your original weight I wanted to cry when I finally reached it. Good luck to all of you who are getting off that curse.
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I was on Suboxone for 3 years.  I lost my health insurance and it is crazy how expensive a script is.  So went on Methadone I gained at least 25lbs if not 30.  No clothes fit it gets depressing.  I work out eat right and doesn't matter.  Now finally go insurance back I was so full of fluid I had pitted edema in my legs.  I got back on Suboxone I had leg cramps but nothing compared to the hell I have been through in the past from withdrawals.  I alread lost 8lbs.  I know it is only fluid but I feel so much better.  Like I said I always watched what I ate all of that but it didn't matter.  Suboxone will not make you gain.  I can't wait to get at least 15 more off.  I feel so much better and less bloated.
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i feel the same i have gained 30 lbs in 2 months of methadone. I plan to switch back to suboxone over my winter break b/c the weight gain and going to a clinic everyday isnt worth it. It's just going to be hard making the switch from 120mg of done to subs but im ready, anyone else know if they lost all of their weight making the switch?
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I was on methadone for 8 months and gained five months a month until I asked to be taken off of it.  i started out at 105 and got up to 150 lbs.  That was 18 months ago and I haven't lost the weight so it is clear that whatever causes it some people never lose it and other people just have to diet and exercise a LOT.  I was rear ended in two car accidents and herniated two discs in the first one and did further damage to my vertebrae in the second.  Every doctor I've seen told me there was no relation between Methadone and weight gain until I recently I called an old friend, an internist who specialized in addiction and pain and he said he saw it frequently.  One person developed
elephantitis and was never able to recover.  On top of my constant back pain I now have edema all over my body, especially my feet and legs which hurst more than my back.  People don''t recognize me and I've me in too much pain and too tired to exercise but I recently got steroid shots in my back and I'm hoping they will allow me to exercise and diet to lose the weight.  My daugher is getting married in less than a year and I don't want to look like this.  I used to wear a size 4 or a size 6 and now I wear a size 12 or 14.  Methadone was worse for me than my accidents.  Physicians who are aware of these side effects need to be talking to the physicians who are prescribing Methadone to their patients to let them know what the risks are.  Now I'm back on the pain medication I was on before I was on the Methadone so it's been a vicious cycle.  My friend the physician told me about a new medication recently released in a patch.  Luckily I am going to a new physician and will talk to her about this.  Why don't more people know?
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Thanks for the inspiration! I'm getting off methadone and just started going down on my dose 2 weeks ago. I'm currently at 106mg from 116mg and that's just in like 13 days, so I feel like i'm off to a good start. I know the road gets tougher from here, but it's okay, i'm ready to rid my body of this plague! I will definitely be doing a suboxone transfer when the time is right though. That's for sure! Anyways, people like you posting your stories let people like me know that it's possible to do it and succeed at it.Thanks again! God Bless and I hope you're addiction is well managed for the remainder of your days and never holds you back from your happiness or dreams again! Take Care! : )
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for 1  1/2 years  was on norco prescribed for RA fibro and other illnesses i was all on oxy cont tin and opana i started wanting more so i abused them then i wanted off so bad so i went to the methadone clincic to get off of the pills all together the meth clinic happily took my money well i was thier at the meth clinic for 3 1/2 double the time i used and abused pills i felt so hopeless until i found hope with a DR  in concord Ca he has amazing detox im on day 5 and feel fine day one and two were very weird and i felt drunk while i went threw it but by fri i should be fine hell i never went threw withdrawl with the progream and im almost done i know i have to repainr my body and mind sorry if this post is not legialble im still a bit outta it im willing to give the info on getting offf methadone safetly an comfortable i can help you
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