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Doctors appointment

Well, I am pretty much freaking out. I had an appointment with my GP scheduled today for 2:10. I even called and confirmed a couple of weeks ago cause I made it pretty far in advance. So, I called to make sure I was 100% right on the time today, and they said nothing was in there. Then the receptionist said she had one opening and I could come in for that one..... At 2:10. Here is what I am thinking. I think that that councelor I am seeing told him everything and he does not want to see me. On her privacy statement it does say that she will be in contact with your drs. I just never thought anyone would tell my inner secrets to anyone. I mean, at this point, I have seen her one time. I wish I had never gone. I really like this doctor and it would suck to have to find another. Plus, as some of you have read, I do not sleep ever. I am on ambien for this. He is my perscriber. I never tried to fill a bunch of hydro with him when I was using. I got them a couple of times, but for the most part, I bought off the streets. The bad thing I did do was that I got ambien from him every month and a couple of months a while ago when I was still using hydro, I had the ambien filled for a lesser amount from a dif doctor. At the time, I had no idea how bad this was, since then, I have read several posts about how illegal this is. I am not addicted to ambien, When I was using, it was very hard to sleep cause it gave me energy, so I abused the ambien so I could use and still get sleep before work. Since quitting, I do not abuse it. I only take what I am supposed to, but I do not sleep without it. Please do not judge me on needing ambien to sleep. I am not looking for judgement. So, I am afraid one of two things is going to happen. I am going to go there today and he is going to say I am no longer a patient of his because I double filled my scripts (I am very embrrassed of this.) or that the councelor called him and he knows I am a recovering addict. (hydro)
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Hey there -

I'm not familiar with your situation as I'm new.  But after reading this post, I'm thinking you may just be paranoid.  Doctors are supposed to help - not turn away patients.  He'd have to be a real punk to take you off the books and not have his staff contact you.  

Go in for the appointment, do what you have to do and post back to let us know what happened.  I can be quite paranoid myself and I kinda feel you may be in this situation.  Hopefully anyways!

Hang in there :)  And don't drive yourself nuts during the car ride over lol!
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Hi Cat...the appt. thing is odd and I don't blame you for being curious and running it through your head. Many people do this. We get scared,especially once we're clean and getting  our life back.  We just don't want any problems.  
It's possible that the overlapping prescriptions was picked up but not that likely if it was just once.  Hard to know on that one.  Best to be completely honest with the Dr. about the hydros, though.   But really, many people have had at least two scripts for a controlled substance at two different pharmacies and by two different doctors. Sometimes it's just a convenience thing,Dr.'s day off or acute situation. I know I have and all for legitimate reasons...

Let me know what happens..

V.  xo
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Thank you for not judging. You are so right. Since I have been clean, I am now more afraid than ever that all the things I have done will bit me in the you know what. I went and there was no problem at all. He was really nice. I did do something I was proud of. My DOC is hydrocodone. Nothing else. However, since going through this mess, I have been weary of other meds. He had me on Klonopin. I have not been taking it as I am aware that can be mood altering as well and addictive, and I like pills. So, I have not been taking them. When I went in today, he offered, and I said no. I said I do not need them and I will deal with anxiety on my own. I think that was a good choice as I seem to overuse mood altering pills, and I do not need antoher one sitting around that I can get addicted to. Benzos can be bad, right?
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Yes,benzos can be bad. And Klonopin is a benzo.
Glad this all worked out!
Vicki  xo
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I admire you for having the hoo-ha's to do what you did.  I'm just not there yet.  Props to you for doing such a great thing :).
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Man was I ever paranoid. It took me a few months to get over that until all y bad descisions came back at me. It's just life tho, an I never did I sober! Lol. I'm proud of u. I would stay wayyyyyy clear from the klonopin. They make you seriously crazy
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Babe we are the last people who would judge you as we are all here for one reason or another , i was always under the impression that a coouncilor was not alowd to divulge infomation about her clients and if she has i would be looking for another councilor , it furious to think that she has done this to you . Im glad it wasnt me in your position cause I proberly would have been locked up after giving my councilor a serve .
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