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Does Propranolol make you withdrawl from Suboxone?

My Dr prescribed me Propranolol for my awful, frequent migraines.  The first time I took it I felt weird.  Now when I take it I feel like I am dope sick.  i've tried every other medication for my migraines, but they make me feel like I just did a lot of cocaine!  My heart races, my anxiety rises, I shake and can't sleep.  Now I feel like it's either live with the migraines or be dope sick without migraines. HELP!!!!
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Hi StephSimis.
Are you getting both these prescribed by one Dr?? If Not, I would talk with the Sub Dr. All opiates suppress the respiratory system and these days they are checking ppls hearts out before prescribing, mostly Methadone.
I do know a x-family dr here in my small town, who went to prescribing Subs and he will not mix certain meds with the Subs. I am not too sure what this other med is, so I will have to look it up. Just be Safe and talk with the Sub Dr.
I sure Pray that you can find some relief with these migraines. Just went to a Health seminar last night and they talk about these headaches and how lots of water is serious for the Brain, as much as the Body. Are you drinking tons of water? It says 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily. I wish you the best and hope you find your answer. Call the Sub Dr.
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I have massive migraines and use the imitrex autoninjector. It is amazing. Also the maxalt sublingual tabs work well. You may feel a little light headed or your heart might be a little racy but that's normal. I have used both of these meds wwhile on suboxone and lane pils. I have taken propanolbefore but it did nothing. Also you should be getting Botox. It was the only that big that stopped my daily headaches. If your dr won't die it find one that will. My pain mgmt doctors does mine and he leaves a little for my wrinkles :-). Free free to ask any questions   Btw get off subs. They are the worst. The side effects can be awful and it stays in your brain forever. They were never meant to be taken everyday. They were to have for a quick less painless withdrawal maybe 10 days max.  Just an unsolicited opinion. No judgement at all.
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