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Does gabapentin intefere with the a brain trying to heal from stopping opiates?

I went through a 7 day detox program, voluntarily, to get this opiate monkey off my back. I'd been doing opiates for 7 or 8 years, heavily at times. This was a suboxone tapering program but I never scored high enough on withdrawal symptoms to start subs. My fellow detoxers couldn't understand why I wasn't rolling on the floor going through withdrawals for as much as I was using. My only explanation other than luck, is that not having an appetite, I made myself eat apples and bananas for the first few days I was there. I later learned that these fruits contain concentrations of  L-Tyrosine, a natural dopamine booster.

Been clean 7 days and no cravings. I've used gabapentin instead of Suboxone to control withdrawals. the PA started me on 900mg a day 300mg 3Xday. When I got home I ask my family doc to cut that back to 600mg a day. I'm now trying to cut that to 300mg a day. As hard as it is going to be for my brain to heal on it's own, I'm no spring chicken, does gabapentin interfere with healing?
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Congratulations on getting clean. I don’t think it interferes with healing but they’re finding addiction risks with it as well so I would take that into consideration. After care is what gets you through the hard times. Keep posting so we know how you’re doing.
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Not sure what aftercare I need. Talked to my doctor, he's on board as well as my pharmacist. Everyone I care about and cares about me are onboard. My support group is in place. I know that my energy levels are down due to recovery as well as my "joie de vivre". It's a waiting game right now, for the brain to repair and recover. I just don't want gabapentin to slow that down. This is the hardest part of recovery for me. Waiting to reenter the excitement of life. I know it will happen, I just want it sooner than later and I'm concerned that gabapentin may slow it down.
You got this!  I quit Suboxine after 2 years at 24mg/day. I felt like I was pushing through quicksand.  On breaks I would find a cool floor and lie down.. A real *****!  I was on UnGodly amounts of Gabbapentin,  oxy,  Fentanyl patches,  Soma,  and more.  The lack of energy is from Suboxine. Its a big seller on the street for a big boost in energy,  but not anxiety. It took 3 months to feel good.. Your lucky,  up to 6 months with Methadone. Ridiculous Country of idiots making money off the poor bastards that keep this mofo running. God Bless.  Peace.
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Not sure that I would say it interfere's with healing....but perhaps pushes off what needs to happen.  Are you planning on doing any type of aftercare now that your clean?
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