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Does taking hydrocodone with cymbalta increase the seritonin effect

I take Cymbalta for about12 yrs. I go on and off of hydrocodone. My lift from the depression is better when taking both. I go off of hydrocodone about every two months . So as to avoid addiction. I have noticed that I am depressed when I stop the hydro. Bad depression the kind where you need someone to sit with you for safety. Not taking hydrocodone is extremely difficult because with out it I am in 8-10 on the pain scale. I have had 6 spinal surgeries and I have no hope for any other surgery. I use meditation to get through the pain. Some days its just PAIN and nothing works. I am only66 I am wondering how hydrocodone works on my depression?
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My kids step-mother actually takes hydrocodone to alleviate her anxiety and her depression. I thought she was just using that as an excuse to take the hydro because she liked it, but her psychiatrist actually prescribes it to her for that purpose. She doesn't feel a buzz from the hydro at all, and I never got that buzz or "high" feeling that everyone talks about from hydro at all...I get it from percocet though, and I'm not sure why everyone seems to chase that buzz or high feeling because when I take the percocet and get that feeling, I get anxiety really bad, feel nauseous and can't wait until the feeling goes away. I think that pills work differently on each individual, and that there are many uses for the same pill that are not all listed on sites such as drugs.com or webmd (and it actually states on the page that each drug has uses that are not listed), such as hydro is also a cough suppressant, as well as a pain reliever. As weird as it sounds, the hydro actually helps my kids step-mother more and better than pills like Ativan and Xanax for anxiety and in combination with her anti-depressant, her depression is less. Not that all doctors or psychiatrists know what they are doing, but if it didn't help her depressive state, then I know for sure her psychiatrist wouldn't prescribe it to her, she would have to see a MD for a script.
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my opinion is that the opiate is assisting your depression because the Buzz you feel from taking them... think about it no hydro depression higher and with hydro less depression....
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