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Does the "Thomas recipe" work? If not what helps

I have been addicted to pain pills for the last ten years or so. I take A LOT of whatever I can get my hands on most commonly 80mg oxies 200mg morphine slow release Statex which is another form of morphine but a quick release as well as a quick release of oxies called Super doll. I'm not proud whatsoever very much ashamed actually. I NEED to detox but I don't have nearly enough self control taper myself and can't take time off to do it. I've been looking at the "thomas recipe" a lot the last few days and it has me very intrigued. If this doesn't work can you please point me in the right direction I've been hooked for far too long and am no longer the active happy person I should be. I work away from home and before I leave I'm so worried if I have enough pills to last the week even if I do I'm too damn week to make them last the week and come Thursday I'm freking out and can't tell anyone at work cause I can't lose my job. I just need some help and some advise on at least how to cut the cold sweats while I'm at work cause I cannot function without the pills.
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Stay strong!!! I was there were you are, I have 6 kids and work at home, I was doing the same thing at first I was taking the same thing you are, so I know, with my hectic life and with the pill addiction trying to juggle it all was way too much everything kind of slacked! I did what you doing got the TR stuff and made excuses. Please Keep it Real with yourself. At this point it mind over matter, and our brain can play some Jedi mind tricks...lol Try the TR instead of Valium use Valerian Root (natures Valium) it works, for sleep try Melatonin, Good luck...let me know in a couple of days how you feel, I don't to offend you in anyway, you sounded like me with the excuses..lol
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Thanks. Yea it really is mind over matter. How long did it take u to feel normal again?
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I still don't feel totally normal yet. My muscles hurt and my joints hurt and my diet sure isn't back to normal yet but I haven't touched anything since 10:00 last tuesday morning. About friday the withdrawls got under control. I'm a father of a five year old her mom and I aren't together which saved me for this cause I needed to be alone so I could just focus on what I needed to do and bullhead it run that junk over. I needed to see that it was me that ran my life not a pill. Or a bunch of pills. For energy honestly stay well hydrated and get electrolytes into you Gatorade poweraid it doesnt matter they're good for picking you up when and also helps with soar muscles if it's from dehydration. It helped me A LOT. I take a liquid multi vitamin and some fish oils along with the rest of the recipe. I don't know if it's helping but it's amazing for you so it can't hurt.
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How long did it take u to feel better
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Keep eating and hydrated.  It can make a big difference!  You are doing wonderful.  Keep it up!  
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Thanks I feel so much better already I love being able to wake up and feel rested not where I don't want to get out of bed. I'm never late to work like I used to be all time. Really is amazing how much better u can feel.
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I have lots of herbal teas and vitamins that are helping a lot I believe
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I'm a mother of a 11 month old boy. I'm tired of taking lortabs for everything little thing that hurts. I don't enjoy taking them and it's getting worse. I have been 2 days without taking one and I have cramps in my calf and have the sweats. I don't know what to do. I'm scared to tell my family because my brother is addicted to pills. Please help I'm alone
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i know exactly how you feel!!!!  I was in a car accident in 2006 pronounced dead at the scene. the docs had me on dilodid(wrong spelling)lol for some time .  to this day im still taking perks & vics(20 10's a day)whatever i can get my hands on. i have a 8 yr old daughter who means the world to me & it just kills me that every couple weeks when i can't "find anything" I'm sick & she's having to play doctor. Noone in my family knows about this problem..they all just think i'm depressed, which also, I am. I really , really have to kick this habit once & for all... If the energy would go up i could handle the rest...im a VERY strong person but with these WD it makes me helpless..To all the people who do recover I wish you the best & DONT EVER put a pill to your lips again!! If I can do it I hope I never hear the word narcotic again..this has truthfully wasted 5 yrs of my life & over 10,000 or more depressed to really find out but hopefully today is the start of my NEW HAPPY LIFE! GOD BLESS EVERYONE GOING THROUGH THIS. YOUR NOT ALONE!!
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i HAVE BEEN AN ADDICT AL MY LIFE. Started with vics and then progressed to anything that will get me high. I love Narcotics the way the makeme feel. I was on Methadone 60-100mg/day for ten years. Screwed up and was kicked out with nothing. I found Suboxone and have been taking that for a year. Usally 8mg/day sometimes 16mg/day then other times just half a strip. I dont want to do this anymore. I love the feeling of confidence it gives me but my supply has run out. I am on day 3 of no subs. I cant sleep my legs are jumping. I feel like crap. I dont think my Dr will help. He doesnt belive in this type of treatment more of the holostic type. How can I get the thomas recipe supplies I need. I cant lose my job or my wife. Both no nothing about this. I have not slept for 3 days now and I am to sick to work. Can you help.
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After much research, my 20 year old daughter, who has a $50-$100/day habit of heroin has asked for my help....I started her on "The Thomas Recipe" and today is day 3. So far, so good. I am so grateful, but SHE KNOWS there is still a long road ahead. Today has been the hardest day thus far. I bought a bunch of fruits as well as the recipe items and plenty of water. No more soda. I am praying that this helps her and for good., however the hardest thing for her and you is to know that SHE/YOU have the ultimate decision of your life to say "I AM READY TO STOP"! To ALL OF YOU that are trying to quit the "opiate craze", I am praying for you as well and as though you are my own child or relative. BE STRONG! Tell yourself everyday day and as often as you can, "I CAN DO THIS FOR ME~!" Get rid of all the people in your life who can help you score and figure out your triggers and avoid them as best as you can. I will update Dani's progress in the days to come. I hope that for my daughter and YOU, this too shall pass. Lisa
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After much research, my 20 year old daughter, who has a $50-$100/day habit of heroin has asked for my help....I started her on "The Thomas Recipe" and today is day 3. So far, so good. I am so grateful, but SHE KNOWS there is still a long road ahead. Today has been the hardest day thus far. I bought a bunch of fruits as well as the recipe items and plenty of water. No more soda. I am praying that this helps her and for good., however the hardest thing for her and you is to know that SHE/YOU have the ultimate decision of your life to say "I AM READY TO STOP"! To ALL OF YOU that are trying to quit the "opiate craze", I am praying for you as well and as though you are my own child or relative. BE STRONG! Tell yourself everyday day and as often as you can, "I CAN DO THIS FOR ME~!" Get rid of all the people in your life who can help you score and figure out your triggers and avoid them as best as you can. I will update Dani's progress in the days to come. I hope that for my daughter and YOU, this too shall pass. Lisa
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Well... Im so incredinly ashamed in myself I just couldn't stay away :( ...It's intresting that you said to rid yourself of all of the people that can ultimatly inable you to relapse as I am well aware that that was the biggest contributer to me doing it. My problem is that my whole family is deeply addicted to pills that I can't detatch myself unless I abandon my family.  I am not blaiming them for my mistakes.  I know I have no one to blaim whatsoever other then myself Im the one that did it not them, but it does make it really hard for me to even want to talk to them about anything to do  with this and believe anything that they say. One person who wants me to go on methadone and is pressing the subject so hard that I want to knock him out to shut him up. I dont want it I dont need it I dont want anything to do with it, he's talked so much that he's got pretty much everyone thinking that it's the best thing in the world. I think it does absolutely nothing.  Even if it does get you off of whatever it's just trading one addiction for another.  Granted it is a life saver for some people who actually need it but I don't need it.  I know I'm much stronger  then that but I don't feel like I am lately and NEED TO DO THIS so I came to the only place that I got support from in the first place
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hey Desperate, i have been on opana for just over a month. 15-30 mg which is equal to about 50-100mg oxy's. im tapering down to nothing now and been withdrawing for days, I think im getting closer to conquering this thing with god's help and my loved ones support but im still gonna be in hell a few more days minimum. you can do this! i hate you relapsed but it happens to everyone on every drug. take care of yourself. I was really pulling for you around christmas time but you will make it if you try again. i am gonna kick this trash for good. its not worth the withdraws or being a slave to dope. Get your life back!
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Welcome back. You may want to post a new thread with current status, this one is 8 months old and may lose some attention. After care, After care, After care! I got so damn sick of hearing people tell me that. I hope you find something that works for you, but the grip of this problem never goes away. You may feel on top of the world and in total control, then have a beer a celebrate your wonderful life. In a 24hr period you can throw it out the window and spiral into a 10yr bender. There is no problem in the world that drugs can't  make worse.
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I've been addicted to Opiates for 10 years and I hate to say this with such a easy way, but relapse is so common.  I started with vicodin when I had multiple surgerys cause I had a terrible accident during a TT motorcycle road race where I nearly died, which ended my career with motorcycles..well racing them anyways.  But I ended up addicted to Oxys, then Heroin, and then Suboxone.  Suboxone has had to be the worst thing I have ever done.  Its is the freaking devil.  It's like having a terrible flu for a month.  I'm telling you this cause I wished times before I was detoxing off the other opiates other than Suboxone.  I started to take Suboxone to get off Oxys.  I've read your previous posts and understand totally.  I suggest you seek professional help other than a doctor who is gonna put you on something that will just only prolong the hell you are gonna have to go through eventually unless, you want to stay on pain meds the rest of your life.  Stay away from Methadone and Suboxone.. they are hell to get off of.
Just remember your not alone.
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One more thing.  Every person I know that has gone to methadone has never got off it and is now just a walking zombie, feeding off of a government controlled substance.  I've taken methadone before and it got me extremely high.  I didn't like that so i went to Suboxone cause it don't really get you high.  Little did I know that Suboxone is just as bad as methadone, i think worse.  If you think oxycodone or hydrocodone is bad detoxing off of, multiply that by ten and that's what methadone will be like.
Stay away from it!
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I am new to this forum, but have been following it for some time. I have been battling my opiate addiction for some time. Started with vicodin after some medical issues, then percocet, then snorting the percocet when I couldn't afford what it took to get me high just swallowing them. Then smoking them and eventually buying heroin when I couldn't find my drug of choice. I luckily never shot any of it up, which I'm grateful for because I know how much worse the detox would have been, not to mention how much further down the rabbit hole I could have gone. I already owe my family so much, it's ridiculous really.
Anyhow, I am on day 3 of this and cannot tell you how much I am grateful to the Thomas Recipe (I substituted the benzos for lyrica and neurontin - which I have heard mixed things about) Quite frankly I can't imagine how it could be any worse than any benzo out there as far as addictive qualities go and replacing addictions. At any rate, it's been a godsend these last few days as it alleviated almost all of the awful withdrawal symptoms, apart from the cravings and overall depression. I woke up this morning and was just ready to get the hell out of bed, so I started the L-tyrosine and apart from being really weak and out of breath, am feeling ok. As soon as I am up to it (meaning the next few days before my idiotic brain convinces I'm ok) I'll be getting some aftercare plans going, i.e a good addiction counselor. I am very afraid because my entire adult life, beyond that - even since my teens - I have aggressively sought out ways to self medicate. I have never learned to love myself and I'll be thirty in 3 weeks. Look forward to hearing all your comments.
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Hello all,
Firstly I would like to thank you all for your honesty and sharing your intimate thoughts, feelings and fears with us - one of most difficult steps in rehab, second only perhaps to admitting to yourself and others that you are an addict....Well done you!
I would like to tell you all my story of addiction. I apologise in advance if it is long but I think many others will have been in my position and take something from it. Ideally I would like anyone who is thinking of taking drugs to read how they have really affected my own life. People say you should learn from your mistakes, I beg of you PLEASE learn from mine - it might just save your life! Seriously, NO JOKE!
Well then, here goes: I started experimenting with drugs from 14. My group of friends and I made a pact to try every drug we could get our hands on from A-Z to experience the buzz.(sounded like a good idea at the time!)
By the age of 17 we were smoking bongs and spliffs of weed all day every day, going to raves, taking amphetamines, ecstacy, LSD, and ketamine - even sniffing glue, petrol, gas and anything else we thought would buzz us.
We had tried so many but kept returning to heroin. It started as a 'one off' then once a couple of weeks, then every week, twice a week, then inevitably every day. We never believed the stories people said that "if you took it you'd end up in the gutter begging for scraps of food" - How wrong we were!
By the age of 20 we were all heroin addicts smoking half a gram a day and smoking crack when we could steal enough money from our loved ones!
I decided enough was enough sought treatment through my Doctor - another decision I would live to regret.(I'll explain later)
I then got ready for my appointment at the docs where I thought I'd be given treatment straight away so I took as much smack and crack as I could as it was going to be the last time - WRONG! I was put on a clinics waiting list and wouldn't get seen for another 4 MONTHS they were that busy.
I was placed on a methodone programme with regular drug tests. 3 strikes and your out type thing. I was told they would start reducing the methodone when I was stable on my dose after 2 or 3 months. Then they would reduce it by 2.5ml every month. I was started on 95ml so at that rate it would take nearly 3-and-a-half years!!
I cut myself of from my friends, stayed in the house and reduced 5ml every 2 weeks, sometimes every week. I started exercising, building slowly over time, walking about a mile, then after a couple of weeks jogging it, then running it which really does help withdrawls especially restleggs legs which I really suffer from.
I was feeling great, I was getting my life back on track, earning back some trust and respect from my family and feeling rather proud. I wanted to make something of myself so with my new found enthusiasm for life I applied to join the army, passed the tests but was told I needed to declare my medical history, it was all on record so I had to be honest and say I was on a methodone program because I had made some bad choices and took the wrong path and now I am taking control. I received a letter from their cheif medical officer stating that as long as I carried on I could "re-apply after being drug and treatment free for 2 years" and they would "Happily accept" me. Ok, great, another target to aim for and a chance to train and get really fit.
However, just like Desperatetoeclean I went to see my old mates to try and show them how well I was doing but they were still bang at it...."you want some mate?" they said. "nah, sod that I'm doing really well". "Go on, u ent had it for ages you'll be alright, u can take it just once". Then the cogs in my head start up; the sight of it running on the foil, the smell of the smoke filling the air, my synapses start firing up and taking over my willpower "yeah, they're right, it won't hurt. I can treat myself, I've done really well, it has been ages, I'm not addicted anymore so I can do it'...needless to say I became addicted again but this time stopped after a week and locked myself away, went cold turkey and succeeded in becoming drug free. I started training again for the army.....'Be the Best' I wanted to be!
Two years after my treatment and I re-applied to the army. I received a letter from a new cheif medical officer stating that "Due to your past medical history the army cannot accept your application. It is noted you have a history of heroin use...drug misuse is unacceptable and poses not only a risk to the safety of service personnel within the forces but also the civillians they protect, therefore your application can never be considered for the armed forces" Talk about gutted...I was broken, and all because I tried to be honest and do things properly through my GP. I didn't know where my future was heading anymore. I felt lost.
I was so scared that I would drift back to my old life, back to my old mates, back to the heroin to ease my pain and blur my problems with the golden haze. No I wouldn't go there, I left my hometown and moved far far away and started a new life - it was the only way.
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The story continues......
Ten years later, still drug free, I returned to my old area. My old friends tried to contact me saying they were ok now with good jobs and families of their own but I still stayed away. Better to leave some things alone than travel down memory lane.
Slowly things went from bad to worse, lost jobs, no money, drinking, sniffing coke, and spiralling slowly out of control. I had a bad accident, had to have loads of operations and became addicted to painkillers and again back to crack and smack again to avoid my problems.
This time I caught it quickly and found myself a clinic for drug addiction called inclusion. I was seen within a day and offered the choice of methadone or buprenorphine (subutex) and a residential or community detox. Now, I totally agree with people that the doctors are just substituting one addiction for another, but the aim of it is to stabilise you on something that is the same strength every day, every time you take it and what is not cut with things like rat poison or made in a dodgy shed in a third world slum. Then, once stabilised physically and mentally, a gradual reduction can begin which tries to keep disruption and discomfort to a minimumm.
I was started on 12mg of buprenorphine and gradually reduced over 10 months down to 0.4mg, I found it hard to jump as I would feel withdrawls after 30 or so hours. I jumped too quick and relapsed again. After a month or so of pure drug abuse and not finding any answers I felt more depressed than ever. I was close to giving up on myself.
I contacted inclusion again and the program was restarted, this time with a behavioural therapist to discuss triggers, stress, emotions ect. and give me tools I need to remain drug free like coping techniques to deal with stress.
I have now reduced down to 0.2mg of buprenorphine and am slowly getting my life back on track almost twenty years after my A-Z drug mission.
Buprenorphine has been brilliant for me, it has given me clarity instead of the fogginess of methadone, energy and alertness instead of gouching and made me feel almost like me again. (Me, but on a really good day) This is due to it only being a partial agonist of the opoid receptors so it stops withdrawls but doesn't buzz you properly or like methadone, heroin, or other opiates.
The problem is I can't quit this last bit without RLS which keeps me awake, stomach cramps, loose stools, runny nose, sneezing, and cold sweats. I know it's not just mental as I think it would be impossible to think ALL of them are happening, Wouldn't it?
I read somewhere a post by a doctor stating that 0.4mg of buprenorphine is the pain killing equivalent of  8-20mg of morphine and he wouldn't fancy jumping from 8-20mg of morphine. Does that sound right??
The problem is, as I understand it, the long half life which is around the 36hr mark, so after 36hrs the amount in your system has halved. i.e: 1st day you take 10mg by day 2 you still have (around) 5mg in your system and take another 10mg so now you have 15mg in your system and so on. After a reduction it takes days even weeks for your body to catch up.
Acccording to wikapedia 'When long acting opioids like methadone (Methadose, Physeptone) or buprenorphine (Suboxone [buprenorphine in a 4:1 ratio to naloxone] and Subutex [single-agent buprenorphine]) are used for an extended period, physical withdrawal symptoms can last up to six weeks, while the most severe cases have withdrawal symptoms that can last even longer. This initial withdrawal is characterized by the body attempting to regain homeostasis as a result of the brain's lack of opiate receptor activity. Since the mechanisms of opioid dependence and withdrawal are not fully understood, it is difficult to determine how long withdrawal symptoms will last or how severe they may be for different individuals.'
My drug worker said that when taking opiates or substitutes it supresses the secretion of noradrenaline and endorphins in the brain and when you stop the opiates or substitutes it triggers the brain to produce vast amounts of noradrenaline and endorphins to compensate, this over-production causes withdrawls and sensitivity to pain until the correct levels are found. Which seems to fit with what is said on wiki. First week is the worst as you produce shedloads, then it gets better as the levels reduce over weeks or months, then there is a dip as they goe below the correct levels bringing on depression ect, and I'm guessing it fluctuates like this for a very long time, only slightly, but enough to be felt. Feel good and pain killer chemicals like dopamine and endorphines are meant to help the balance so thats why exercise works well by producing them constantly every day, helping restore the balance faster - trouble is you dont feel like doing any just curling up in a sweaty little ball an thrashing your legs aroung writhing in agony. lol.
I am going to give this Thomas Recipie a damn good try and beat this thing. I think it will really help by what I've learned.
Once an addict, always an addict, and once one addiction is dealt with you will find another. It is our brains cry for the 'feel good,reward' drug dopamine that drives us. Just make sure you replace illicit drugs with something else like exercise, fishing, singing, computer games, voluntary work, gardening, sex, religion, anything feel good but no drug.
Heroin is the best and worst drug i have ever used in my life. Addiction has cost me so much in money, lost me loads of really good friends I knew since i was in junior school, ruined numerous relationships and really destroyed some beautiful innocent people, changed the person I am in ways I can never get back and it has lost me love and respect from my family.
I have taken so much from the people i know and the society i live in - things I can never give back.
I am determined to prevent my addiction from destroying my kids lives but I need to get rid of it now before they get too old and realise.
I'm sorry for such a long story but I have no-one left to share it with, my addiction has stripped me of everyone.
I really hope I can beat it. I believe I can, with the help, advice, and commitment of good people like yourselves I'm sure we all can.
Learn to love yourself and spread the love. Smiles are really contagious, smile at someone and see them smile back. It'll make their day and they'll pass the smile on!
Thank you. Good luck
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so i have been taking pain killers every day for years. I was down to just about 15mg of percocet a day from about 90mg. I hated myself, my life. My whole world revolved around pills,  I realized what a lying, sneaky, piece of **** I became. I used to be a vey sexy woman, and now I look older than all my friends. I never told a sole besides god and my dog. I am ashamed of myself. I am at the end of  day one, I feel no energy and ache all over. i did use the thomas methiod but I mind ****** myself to think i have the flu. I am a cancer surviver so if I cant do this I must be a *****. I have friday saturday and sunday in bed. what can I expect. please be blunt. I do feel like u like and I do have diverticulitis flair ups so this feels like that.
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Ok, so I read this thread on Saturday (11/17) in preparation for opiate withdrawl.  This guy failed, just as I have to many times.  Actually, this guy failed before he even gave it a shot.  I, regularly, well, not regularly, but like once, sometimes twice a month, go through d/t's and have been losing the battle for some time.  BUT, I can get to like day 14, even 21, and then I get bored or I don't know what, and I relapse.

I didn't thoroughlly read this thread, it's from 2011, but I skimmed it, and 'desperatetoclean' seemed to enter wd's, and just couldn't handle it (with many other issues).  I, personally, have handled it maybe 80 times, maybe more, I don't know.  I'm 30, wife, two kids, little girls, mildly successful (despite my problem) went to rehab one time when I was 20, heroin, and really have been on and off rx med's for the past 10 years.   Something always brings me back.  Well, I just turned 30, and I'm deciding to quit for good.   I also decided, after reading this thread, that I would document my experience, since normally, I can get through the worst part of withdrawl, which is where most people, including the guy (or girl i can't tell or didnt read close enough) who started this topic, failed.

And really I'm just hoping this helps someone else, while also giving me an outlet to be honest and perhaps document my final time I go through withdrawl.  I think this may help me stay clean.  It's tough for me, I'm able to use, do this double life, and still pull it off because I provide for my family and am relatively normal-looking (from the worlds prospective).  But I lie, constantly, to keep my habit going.  I'm "sick" too much, as I have to D/T all the time.  But I'm not here to focus on me, I want to focus on my withdrawl, as I am on day 2, and go through each day and document how I am able to get through it (which I've done successfully before). Next post...
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Quick history:  Started at 20 years old, in this order, kid, herion, rehab, hard working family man..  As life went on, I cheated, by using here and there.  Ultram, oxy's, dope (very rarely), all kinds of stuff.  Recently (since it pertains to my reason for posting) I've been.. hmm, suboxone'd (off the street; 4-16mgs a day, somewhere in there) for like 3 weeks, but before that a lot of blues (30mg ir o.c., off the street).  Before that, Ultram, a lot, for a couple years (i know they say it's not that bad, but trust me, that serotonin/norephenepirine **** really hangs with you when you kick, still felt it like 1-2 weeks after, but beat that too a few times).

So yes, it's not THAT bad, I understand this, people do 2 bundles a day and ****, and I was there too, that first heroin withdrawl lasted for two weeks, a good two weeks.  But I still w/d even with the dabbling I do with blues and now I've been subbing for 3 weeks (last 4 days 4mgs/day).  
So here is is.  I'm on day two.  Telling my family I have a stomach bug.  Last saturday through wednesday i took 4mg of sub a day, (that's the best I could do 'weening' down) then thursday and friday I did only blues, which didn't even do anything because of the sub, but I certainly wasn't in withdrawl.  Saturday, day one, not too bad, never really is, slept like a good 8 hours last night (although was up quite a bit with sweats) but there was sleep and dreams.  Now I kind of do a 24 hour clock, and a day system.  I last took anything on Friday night at 6pm.  So I do like 24 hours clean (when i first really notice w/d symptions) at 10pm on Saturday night.  So, Saturday, yesterday, day one... next post...
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I was very anxious, lethargic, panicked (mostly for knowing what's about to come tomorrow), short with my family.  I had leg and lower back pain, not terrible, I was tired, had to force myself to eat and stay hydrated, it did not come naturally.  I did some preparation by getting juices, l-tyrosine (which this is my first time trying), making sure i had benadryl and also making sure like some mild things were in order so I could kind of "check out" the next few days (mowed the grass and picked up leaves)... All in all, a doable day.  I plan to w/d when I have days off.  I've heard people say it's easier to be at work and interact or whatever, but for me, I need to be home, close to a tub, with little things around me to combat the worst of the withdrawls.  So I took off Monday, have the option to call out tuesday.  I look at it like this.  Saturday day one, not fun, Sunday, day two, feeling blue (an understatement for sure, but I know what it means), Monday, day three, almost free, Tuesday, day four, not much more.  Day five, still alive.  A little childish, I know, but I plan my d/t's around this.  Start, ideally on a friday, but I wasn't able to do that this time, and plan for 4 days where you can fly below radar.  I've done it when I have a week's vacation (wonderful) and I've done it with day two (the worst) being a Monday, and getting through a difficult work week (also doable, very, very unpleasant in my opinion).  Next post...
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It's Sunday. Day two.  I woke up at 10am, slept (with moderate interruption) from midnight to 10am.  I believe this is crucial to help alleviate the symptions.  In my experience, at 24-28 hours since your last dose, for a fairly regular user, is the beginning of the hell.  I've noticed, that if my 24 hours starts around bedtime on day one (meaning my last done was like a couple hours before bedtime the previous day), I can sleep.  So I wake up, day two, at 36 hours since my last dose.  Not fun waking up after a long night of weird dreams, remembering all these dreams because of waking up with being hot or cold so many times.  Bad intestenial problems.  Stomach pain, ********, but after about an hour of that, it stopped (tomorrow's will be much worse).  Now, I'm regularly smoking pot (by design) to combat things.  I also smoke cigarettes, which probably isn't good, but it gives me something to do and nicotine i guess.  Next post

Yesterday, day one, I hydrated a lot with water and cranberry juice (vitamin c, body clearing properties).  I also smoked some pot and took some L-tyrosine around dinner time.  I ate a few bananas as well, to load up on potassium (helps with that deep bone pain that is sure to come).  
So I think we're up to date.  Next post...
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I've been awake for 4 hours on day two, I took 500mg of ltyrosine, a flintstones vitamin, smoked some pot, drank a good amount of water and cranberry juice, FORCED myself to eat half a p.b. sandwich and a granola bar.  I would eat a banana to (for digestive help and for potassium) but I ran out with my banana binge yesterday. I'll get more later for sure.  It's Sunday, I have nothing to do, off from work tomorrow, may call out tuesday depending on how I feel, definitely working wednesday no matter what, thanksgiving, family, craziness, thursday, work friday, two days off.  That's my next 6 days.  In my experience, day 2-3 is the worst of it, but this is also kind of a new experience, because I've been on suboxone for like 3 weeks, and I've never really fully detoxed off subs like that.  I've read bad things, usually I only take them here or there between blues and whatever.
I went on subs, at first like 12-16 mg a day, but tapered down from that but even if I did get blues, they didn't really do anything.  The last time I did them, they kind of did, on Friday, 48 hours off the subs.  Today, I'm very cold, my veins are buried in my skin, I'm anxious, can't really sit still, I had bad diarreha this morning, sinus issues, forcing myself to eat but basically "playing sick".  I fear for tonight, 48 hours, when everyone's off to bed.  I feel that most times, my clock is so off, and my body is so whacked, that like I'm tired all day, but when it's time for bed, forget it, I feel like my arms won't stop throbbing and I watch the sun come up.  I'm hoping that's not what's in the cards for tonight, but planning that it probably is.  I'm tinkering with taking a couple benadryl an hour or so before bed, but I've tried that different times with zero result and bad effects the next morning, but we'll see.  Next post...
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All I know is that I've done it before, nobody was any wiser, and I pulled it off.  Failed after the d/t's.  I just can't lay this on my wife or my family (again, like when i was 20).  People trust me, and all I have to do is get clean and I'll no trust will be broken.  AA, church groups, addicition centers, all good things, sponsors, good too.  For me, I can do it alone, and almost have to.  I have a friend who knows my problem and he is mildly supportive, but he's got his own problems so.  So I turn here.  I've never posted anything about this, ever.

I thought I would write this, really for two reasons.  To be completely honest and hopefully help someone else, because I know I can succeed at opiate withdrawl.  It's staying clean I have a problem with, but to be totally honest, i am really am done with it and I'll continue to update on this page.. for accountability for myself.  I hide this from everybody, so it's a big step for me to chronicalize this and I'm hoping it's a tool that promotes sobriety for me.  Sorry for spelling, I'm just typing and beginning withdrawl so I'm pretty shakey, and I do type fast. I plan on being totally uncensored about my current situation and the plan on doing this over the next few days, and hopefully, much longer as I aim to beat this once and for all.   The rest of my posts will be more like tweets, just how I'm feeling, and what I'm doing to fight back; documenting my progress.  Hopefully as I feel better, I can provide more insight, but right now, hour 40, it's going to be a long day and night given my experience so we'll see.  That's it for the intro...
2:09pm Sunday, Day Two; Hour 40, last dose, Friday 8pm
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Nobody's posted on this thread for about two months, that's fine, I hope people find this who are struggling now.  It's a few days before thanksgiving.  I'm hoping to see my family on thanksgiving, free a clear and looking better (i hope).  That's 4 days away.  I found this post by googling the thomas recipie.  The only thing I took away from this recipie is the hot baths, which I've been doing for years, they work, and the l-tyrosine, which I'm trying for the first time after researching it.  I get it, it doesn't help with mood too much or energy for a regular person, but for one who is dependent on chemicals to produce dopamine/norepinephrine, it may help offset this missing with the absence of the narcotics.  It's been 15 minutes since I last posted.  I'm cold, so very cold.  Feel like gagging non stop, dry heaving, more intestinal problems.  For more info read my 6 post rant previous to this post.

2:39pm Sunday, Day two; Hour 40-41
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You really should start your own thread.  The older threrads don't get read as much, plus it's better if you aren't "hijacking" someone else's thread.

Start your own thread by going back to the main page of this forum, the top left of the page will be a big button that says "Ask a Question" (something like that).

You'll get a lot more input.

Best of luck with your recovery!
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One more thing about the thomas recipie, i've done it before, by the book, I feel like the benzos prolong things.  3-4 days is about the longest I can "play sick" and I need to be looking/feeling better quicker.  So I'm definitely not using benzos this time, I've done it a bunch of other times without as well.  Only a couple times did I actually try the thomas recipie verbatim and it did not work.  I even try to take minimal amounts of benadryl and ibuprofen.  I'd rather just get through the discomfort and be done with it. I sleep eventually.  And once sleep does start to kick in, and I do begin to get an appetite, it's over (past experiences).  Well, here we go.. I'll keep you (if anybody's even readings this) posted as I will post again in the evening time.

2:56pm Sunday, Day two; Hour 41
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Actually, I am hijacking this thread.  Well, not hijacking, expanding, since the topic is pertinent and the contents of the thread disheartened me.  I found it, read it, you're reading it.  I'm taking it over because I read most of it and the person failed.  I want to succeed where they left off.  I guess I'm breaking the rules.  I apologize.
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This isnt your first rodeo by the sounds of it.  Getting clean is the easy part, staying clean is the hard one.  What are your plans after you get thru the wd?
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well put dom, no it's not my first rodeo.  Never gets easier... and perfect question.  I relapse more like around 20-30 days, so what are my plans when I reach that point?  I guess I should make some.  Spirituality always helped me, but I guess I'm fairly jaded in that area as well, but I may attend some sort of group, I certainly know a few.  But then again, this is different, I've been so close the last few times, I really just know in my heart that this is it.  I'm sure that's been said before, but personally, every time I've said it, I've never meant it as I do now.  That's all I can say.  I'm not trying to be naive, cavalier, pretentious or arrogant about this in any way.  

You say getting clean is the easy part, staying clean is hard.  The truth is, both are hard, and I'll worry about staying clean once i'm through withdrawls.  I'll be making a conscious effort this time, and will document my steps here.  I'm not really looking for advice, I can stop, and I can stop for a while, but I choose to go back. Now I'm choosing not to, publicly in a way.  Never has this lifestyle been more exhausting than it is now, and when I say I'm done, I'm done.  I've actually never said it before and meant it as I do now, close to the height of detox.  But I'm at least going to expand on a failed detox process with a successful one, and have every intention of continuing without thereafter.  My responses are getting a little exhausting, my head's spinning and I know I'm just rambling as my emotions are surfacing yet again.  

3:44pm, Sunday, day two; hour 43
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I now hold you responsible.  Not sure if that helps?
3197167 tn?1348972206
Just typed a long post to you.....MH techies are having problems with the length of threads......you are not suppose to be limited to a number of characters when you post on someone's thread.  But, right now they say it is limited to 2000 characters (I think).  They hope to have the problem resolved by early in the week.

That said, all I was going to share, (and I will try my darndest to summarize) is that posting a new question or comment will only help you to get feedback IF you want it!  You said above, "I'm not really looking for advise".....so if that's the case, the most "intended purpose" for all your documentation would be on your home page in a journal.  You can make
them public or private and each one can be "set" differently.
People can also comment on your journals if they want to.
Day 2 is great.....toot around this forum some more and check out the "status", "notes", "journals" and newer posts that do have a lot of success stores.
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agreed, i'll take this route
4453126 tn?1354807962
Hello, congratulations on your road to recovery I envy the fact that you realized your problem, and did something about it. Many people can't even admit half of what you did. I am trying to taper off perks and what stinks is I have been down this road berfore so I know whjat the feeling of detox is like. Its a terriblr disease, addiction is and I do not want to live my life like this. I don' twant to go into 2013 using drugs or being dependant on pills. Its the worst trying to make sure you have enough to survive and its insane the amount of $ that goes. I am looking forward to the talks on this site. I have been reading the posts on here and I can't get over how helpful complete strangers can be but its like you find a new family and share a bond with the people on here. I am going to write daily and I think I will be able to do this with you guys support
401095 tn?1351395370
I used the thomas recipe and it does help if you use the recommended doses, most do not.  Read and follow it to the T and it will help.  My main issue was lack of NRG and Tyrosine 2,000-3,000 mgs helped me.  I got the powdered form but I cant remember where..it was online...Bulk something..lol  Anyway it does help...Exercise helped the mmost with NRG tho...I wld walk or go to then gym no matter how tired I felt and I always felt good after.  Exercise releases those endorphins our brain is craving...I wld feel normal during and hours after a wrkout.

ood luck to u!
401095 tn?1351395370
Cold Sweats
I found that getting my room super cold...like as cold as I could take it..I put a window unit in my room...I would put layers of sheets and blankets and take them off and on as I needed to.  I was hot, then cold, then clammy etc.  Getting the room super cold slows the metabolism as well so it helps you sleep.
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I just wanted to know what is the best way to detox from 25 vicodin a day
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I do not really understand the recipe instructions. Can someone who knows post the directions for taking the Thomas recipe so I can get rid of my 20 norcos per day.

Thank you
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I'm 28 yrs old with 3 kids and my husbands in the military. I've been addicted to meds for about 1 1/2 now. I just had 2back surgeries (cause the Dr messed up the 1st one. After the surgeries I got a paraspinal absest. I'm now on 75mcg patch and about 6 -8 percocet 10s a day. The pain really isn't that bad anymore I mean its bearable and I'd rather use alternative methods to ease the pain. I can't stand being on pain meds its ruined so much of myself and family life. I never have any motivation I feel useless to myself and family. I've read about the Thomas recipe and it sounds promising but I'm scared cause I've had days where I ran out of meds and after 8 hrs I wanted to jump out of my skin. The worst for me is the rls. I've talked to my mom she said shed take care of my kids and help me through this wich is great cause I can't do it with 3 kids to take care of. I have an appointment in a few weeks for suboxone. I know you can get addicted to that to wich I don't want but I was wondering if it would be OK to use a little with Thomas recipe to help withdrawal.  Or should I check myself into detox? Idk what to do all I know is I want my life back my kids don't diserve this . I want this to be done and over with wake up one morning look at my kids and say mommies all better.
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Need help quitting. I've tried and made it 4 days then took a few to help get thru work and am now back.  I plan on quitting cold turkey tomorrow and trying the Thomas recipe.  Any tips?  It seems so hard and emotional. I looked into rehab but can't afford. It all seems too overwhelming.
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Please start your post by clicking on the orangery  post a question at the top of the page.
You will get more to respond to your question as you have posted on an older post.
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I been on pain pills (hydrocodone) for couple years. i work in a factory got a bulging disc and was prescribed them by company doctor so when i get drug tested its ok. i know that bien dependant on pain pills is wrong but it makes my day much better people even say im much more fun when im on them i want to stop i just had a son and don't want him to notice his father is weak and depends on them to get through the day. Even though i would never take in front of him but when kids get older they get smarter i can live with my demons but when my son could be like his father this is not who i want him to be. never knew my father its too hard to stop when my sons mother also takes them and i could never leave her not share what to do tried to detox plaid it off to family and friends i had flu but when your signifigant. other has them around i relapsed. maybe i should just keep taking them i work hard raise a family and take care of bills but i know its wrong
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Thank you for keeping this thread going and going - it's inspirational for me as I start tomorrow on my own Recipe.  I don't want to jump around threads, I want to read and read - its the support that counts.  I was off last week for 2 1/2 days - but the RLS proved to be my downfall.  I came back here to re-read all your posts to "kick start" me into giving this another try right away.
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How are you now ? I was surprised nobody answered you, your story was so moving. I just discovered this page.
Did you succeed with Thomas Recipe ? You never posted again.
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I just had a glance at J. ROss' book, but nowhere I saw any opiate topic. Are you sure this book deals with opiate addiction ?
(Maybe the reason is I am French and do not have the same access as you ? don't know)

Thank you.
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i have been on subutex for over a year and i am pretty desperate to get off.  Will lopermide help?  its all iv got from the thomas recipe.  Just got ripped off too by my dealer.....no tabs in the box after i had passed the money, but this has now given me the resolve to actually do something about it and thats to quit.  i have just ordered 15 pounds worth of lopermide and hope this works
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If you have been addicted that long, do not quit cold turkey. You could be killing yourself. I have been on a methadone maintenance program from 3 years, after being addicted to pills and heroin or anything I could get my hands on for about 6 years. This is my first try with mmt and I quit the day I started and I'm still clean 3 years later. Counseling that goes along with any mmt program is a great idea. I have come so far from this program I would suggest it to anyone! I know there are many preconceived notions about methadone but I will tell you right now, they're wrong. I had those ideas when I started and they will give you real facts as opposed to individuals who have never been on it. Methadone maintenance has saved my life!
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