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Doing fine

Been out of town and away from a computer that was private enough to post anything.  But i was in Phoenix on business and away from any sort of temptation - except of course booze - and had a great week.  Went to the Phoenix Open and flew home in time to catch the Super Bowl.  Great game.

Baby #2 may be coming a little bit early so life is about to get pretty nuts.  I will post when I have time or have a weak moment but I just wanted to let everyone know (anyone who cares that is) that things are groovy and I'm as happy as I've been in quite some time.  Being clean is a beautiful thing.  I'm not sure how I lost sight of that in the first place but I'm gonna keep fighting to stay clean and enjoy the things that I've always loved.  

So - peace and love to everyone.  And remember - If you get confused, listen to the music play!!!!
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Great to hear from you ,we showed up here about the same time,welcome back and that is also great news about the little bundle.It is amazing to see how life can change so much in a few short weeks.
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Welcome back and congrat's on the baby coming.  You should probably go take a nap now while you still can. lol   Thanks for such a positive post. I needed that today.    Mary
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Dude that is great. I'll be getting out of PA was nice, You missed all the fun they had there the last couple of days. Keep up the good work.
I really dig the killer perm and beard.
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congrats on being clean, and congrats on new baby...i just love babies!!!!
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Hey good to see you,I am happy to here how good life is clean Keep it up !!!!!
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Stagger, I am happy for you. Life without drugs is so much less complex. Good to hear from you.
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