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Doing okay....

I am officially on vacation in the car. I'm doing okay for now. Please pray for me. I'm terrified of what's to come!!!! I'm going to keep a positive attitude and push through and have an amazing vacation!!!'
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I hope you have a wonderful vacation! Sending lots of encouragement and prayers your way. Be safe!!!
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Thanks frogger. I'm doing okay so far. The anxiety is down and I'm just visiting having a good time.
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Keep up the Faith!
Keep your Mind Busy!
Great Job so far..you do not want to fall down..Och! That would hurt..

Be Safe
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Thank you so much Vickie. I'm doing great so far. Keeping a very positive mind!
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Sounds like this vacation is exactly what Dr God ordered
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Thank you PB. I greatly appreciate your thoughts. I do agree. Vacation is the best thing for me right now!
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I have mentioned many times to those in need to use your recovery time to set new memories ones without the pills.

the idea is to let the brain know that things can be done without the go to pill now is that a challenge YES but it will make you feel like a million bucks and prove to you that you are worth it. so go have fun  best wishes
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