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Done to sub: temporary done usage

How long after taking 50mg methadone a day for only 3 days do I need to wait to take suboxone?
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May I ask why?? Why do you want to go from Dones to Sub..Both of them are very synthetic and are harder to detox off then other opiates. They have longer legs on them and like to stick around. Why not just get yourself down a bit and jump off the Dones. I got myself down from a very high dose on Dones and 2 other meds and just jumped. The Drs these days do use Methadone and Subs for Pain or Addiction maintenance. The Subs do not block those receptors (partial agonist) as the Methadone does..(full agonist).
If you are trying to come clean, and I am speaking from experience, I would just taper the dones and do not go on another drug. Just my 2 cents here, as I have experienced both, but the Subs were only short time compared to the dones. I do wish you the best on whatever is it is you are doing this for. We are here to help.
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I have been on subs for 4 years now. I was abusing prescription meds. I heard of the suboxone thru a friend that was taking them. This is what the doctors told her would help get her off the prescription meds. I was all for it. Little did I know this medication was just addicting as the other and more difficult to detox off of. I have attempted several times to get off the subs and have failed everytime. Its almost destroyed my marriage and with that my life. I haven't hads any sub in 48 hours now. I am taking the clonidine the ER doctors gave me on my last attempt to get off this highly addictive medication. I would suggest to you like the other lady not to jump from one addiction to the other. Just try to come off the methadone itself. The withdrawls are tough, but the worst is trying to stay clean afterwords. I am determined to stay off the subs before its ruins my life for good. Good luck with your sobriety as well.
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