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Don't know how to approach it.

Hi, I was just wondering how I can go about asking my husband if he is doing drugs again. He's a very hot headed person to begin with, and when he is on whatever he his on, it's worse. I don't want him to go off on me if I ask him, but I need to know what the deal is. He has admitted to me that he takes pills (I think he said Percocet), but he said it was occasionally. He had a short stint with heroin, but I hear it's really addicting. He works in an emergency room, and is EMT certified, so he knows all about where to inject the ****, and he's been really sneaky lately. I just don't know what to do. His side effects are that of heroin and recreational pills, so how can I tell which one? He's always drowsy, sometimes looks like he's sleeping while doing really anything.. playing video games, eating, he itches himself a lot, and has terrible mood swings. I cannot tell if he's injecting anything, but he is a sneaky guy. Please help me. I'm to the point of insanity.
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you dont have to ask him.  You live with him..... you already know

Good Luck!
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I agree with traycee. She said it loud and clear

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