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Down to the wire

PleaSe any advice would be appreciated.

I have been tapering off of methadone. My usual intake was around 15-20 mg.  I'm down to 1.25 mg!!!!!!  Which is a HUgE deal for me.  A lot of ups and downs.  But I have committed myself to trying to make myself as busy and productive as I can be.  I LovE to workout.  So I've been keeping up w my wkouts for the most part. Dealt w some anxiety throughout my taper.

My question is.....  1.25 mg doesn't seem like a whole lot.  How much different should I feel when I finally jump to 0mg!??  

I've been taking a great regimen of vitamins.  I usually take b12, rhodailia, 5-htp.   Which I find is helping me tremendously.  Not sure if it's just a habit of popping pills that's helping when I'm taking my vitamins.  But I sure pop a vitamin when I want to take a pill.  

Any encouragment or advice is greatly appreciated!!  

I have 2 small kids and work usually 3 to 4 days a week.  

For the most part I'm feeling pretty darn good considering the dose I'm on now.  I'm sleeping better than when I was on methadone.  I used to have to take sleep aid while on it.  Now I don't.   I hear so many people having sleep issues.  Hoping the 1.25 mg isn't going to make that much of a difference.  

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First of all let me say GOOD WORK way to go on the taper. From my experience I will not post how long it took and how many stages I went though....We can talk PM if u want, but I do know that as for most drugs we do get the anxiety sleep issues BAD and the last is usually the weak stages and for me the sleep issue came back after many months. Everything is OK. My brain is taking awhile to balance out do to the drugs I used and for how long...I really also believe for me age has alot to do with it..KEEP doing what u r doing..Exercise is the Key plus the vit/min. You know you just might beat this better then alot of us. I do talk Private to some who are like me and others bounched back quicker. You should be fine if you are down that low. Just keep us posted on how u r doing when u r done off them for good!!!!
God Bless
PS I went c/t off 30mg I think u know and others NOT GOOD!
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Congrats friend!!!

You should be fine.  With all you have going on I think that missing that little dose shouldn't hurt you too much.  I am proud to see you stuck with the taper.  Hope you have been doing well.
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Thanks Vickie,
You jumped off from 30 mg??  Holy moly!! That must have been quite the journey.  I would love to pm an shear your story.  Jut want to get through this w a Victory!!  
Thanks for responding. I'm determined to kick this !!  It's a b$$$$

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Thanks bub,
It will all fall into place and workout!!  Thanks for your support!!  Hugs
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I know u will just be fine. I am so amazed by you. You make me look up to you for such a great job....Did u do this at home alone???
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I don't have experience with methadone but you sure seem to have done good! You are sure at a low dose now...I wish I knew how it felt to take that final step with methadone but I dont. I will tell you that your almost there and you should feel really good about yourself. Good job!
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Vickie ,
Dont lok up to me. Lol. I'm still quite the rookie. Ha

Just trying to be a postive and active as I can to keep my endorphins up so I won't reach for a pill.  I have had a few hiccups along the road w my taper. I've taken more on a few days and got right back on track.  Just such a Rollercoaster.  .  My hubby still takes them so it makes things quite challenging as u could imagine. He plans to quit.  But I had to quit waiting for him to quit w me.  He says im paving the way for him and he's proud of me.

Thanks actingbrandnew, for your support.  This forum has been amazing.  I've kinda been sticking to pms while on my taper.  But feel like I may need to start going to forum since im almost all the way clean!!!!!!!!  

Can't wait to see what God has in store!!!!  Focus on the postive right!!??
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WOW a taper at home and around some one u love. What a gal...U are amazing???I had to let go and not be around any of my user friends and I have such great support at home...Yes u r on a new life mission. You might just pave the way for hubby and u will be an asset to the ones that come on here. Heck you witnessed to me. Keep on truckin forward and do not look back. A new world and A new life ahead.
God Bless u
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Hi  & Congrats on your taper!

                       How's it going for you? I came down from 140 mgs. to 120  - then over a year & 1/2 tapered down to 28 mgs. after 20 yrs on the clinic and thirty years of heroin. I left on 28 and did a 5 day Vicodin stepdown  & finally a 3 day Subutex - (Yech!) - stepdown at a detox. What are you down to and how are you preparing yourself? It's rough but it IS doable if you really want it. May I ask where you're at with your taper?
                          Wishing you every success.
                                        I'm with you & I'm here if you want to know what helped and what didn't...Keep up the good work..
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Awe Vickie you just made me cry.  Guess my emotions are coming back.  Thank god for that.

I'm determined to get through this!!  
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Hi evolver
I'm actually doing really good.  Trying to keep up w my working out to keep my endorphins up.  I'm down to 1.25 mg was originally at around 15-20 just depended on the day.  
I'm sleeping like normal.  Which I get a lot of people don't.  So I'm hoping once I jump off to 0mg will I lose my sleep.  1.25 doesn't seem like a whole lot.  U know. ?  Guess we are dealing w Some pretty powerful junk here.

I'm take 5htp, rohdalia and b12 and I swear by it.  Since I love to pop pills.  I will take a vitamin when I feel urge to take a pill. Lol. Sometimes it works sometimes the anxiety gets a hold of me and I lose te fight that day.  But I get back on track the next day.  It's a constant fight ev day to go towards getting clean.  But I want this and will do this!!!  With gods help all things are possible!!!  

God bless you my friends.
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Hey evolver,
I'd love to hear what's worked for u!!
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