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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

Combine the top addiction counselors in the world, with the best locations in the State, and world class service. Choose either the Laguna Beach, California, or St Petersburg, Florida locations- Visit our website for additional information.  

All you have to do is show up, and choose to leave drugs and alcohol behind.  We make getting clean and sober easy.  Visit our website or contact a representative today (800-952-7382).

Rated the Top Drug Rehab Program, Nation Wide: www.ChooseHelp.com
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This a forum by MEDHELP advertising is not permitted.
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How are you doing brother? Sounds like your a little fustrated.

You want to talk my friend?


209656 tn?1272297065

Just in case you didn't quit understand what Alex was talking about, MedHelp has certian "terms and conditions" where you can not advertse other events or site that are not affiliated with MEDHELP.

I put the link for you here so you can (or anyone) can read their "Terms & Conditions"

go to this link below, if is from MedHelp:


You are not supposed to advertise what you did on your post...

Just a friendly reminder.



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