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Early Roll Call-Need to hear some positive:)

I am jumping the gun here with an early roll call, but want to hear some positive and success stories. I don't know if it's the holiday's and this time of year, but there seems to be so many struggling and many relapses lately. You have to believe that life gets better without drugs, for me there is no comparison, but there was a time I had no hope and couldn't even comprehend living without dope. If you relapse, the best thing you can do is get up fast and find out what caused it and learn from your mistakes. I used to relapse every single week, so there is NO judging here. Get some support and don't hide behind your addiction, that is dangerous. It takes a lot of strength and determination to fight through, but there is a prize waiting for you after:)

Brag about your clean time everyone, regardless if it's a day or a year clean. We can reach the other side and the choice is always ours. Make the right choice, you won't regret it! I am 137 days clean after my last relapse and feeling great, but will never ever let my guard down again, I am an addict for life, but a recovering addict now:) Congrats to everyone.
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i am at like 120 i think!!!! its been hard but rewarding!!
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582 days clean from pills
2795 days sober

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90 days today. Very proud of everyone and myself !!
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313 days since OC
202 since last cig
Absolutely the longest year of my life.  It is a very difficult battle, but one that can be won.  
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day 515 in recovery from opiates.....this chapter of my life is pretty sweet....i ve gained some weight...feel healthy...making good money and most importantly i am truly happy with who i am....gizzy...you may call roll any time you want...congrats to everyone...let us be strong....to anyone struggling....make the choice to quit.....freedom is wonderful...maria :)   :)
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3 weeks clean tomorrow-----you got to know what your triggers are to help from relapse----- all I have to do is remember what I went through to get clean-----ct from subs --ct from an antidepressant and ct from percs in a month ----------NEVER again-------Thanks to all of you-------- this site has helped me knowing others are sharing this struggle-----God bless all of you!!
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11 days clean from oxy....feeling fine
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Today is 10, I think.  Being one of the recent relapsers, I appreciate the comments Gizzy.  The hiding part hit home with me.  I agree with you, get up fast if it happens because it doesn't get any easier the longer you stay down.

Another quote perhaps???

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I'm on Day 18 (I think).  Who woulda thought that I'd make it this far?  Certainly not me after about 6 or 7 relapses.  I told someone the other day that I broke up with my DOC.  The love affair is over.  I have gotten out of bad relationship and I'm not going back.  Vic[odin] no longer brought me pleasure or made me happy...he just made me "normal" and kept me from getting sick.  He's lying against the curb as we speak!  
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125 and feeling fine...

Mister Ed says HI!  

(anybody got an extra carrot?)
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Two years around Thanksgiving with a couple Dental Procedures that I used as prescribed for..............
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Nice to see everyone on here and congrats to each and everyone of you!!  Gizzy the roll call threads always makes our feel goods feel good!!!

Each new clean day is a new beginning.....embrace it.            sara
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Im at i believe 62days from oxys. Was at 413days or more but relapsed in the end of oct but back on track and doing good.
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Good for you bobby.....now keep it going girl.
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I am three yrs free from alcohol after drinking for about 20 almost evreyday!! I can have beer in my fridge now for the holidays and it doesn't bother me.

3 yrs free from cigarettes to

I am now trying to get rid of the vicodin which has infiltrated my beautiful life. Those little buggers just snuck right up on me, till a friend made me aware of what an *** I was being spending 1,200 a month on them. I will beat them because I love my kids, and I love the life I have created for us and alcohol almost took all of that away I will not let vicodin get that close!!

I loved that quote I think I'm going to write it on my coffee mug!!!
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No relapse so far. Each day brings new challenges but I look forward to beating them. I have the strength and love of my family (home) and the same for my family here. We all share a common bond and the same battle scars and I hope everyone struggling right now will hang tough stay here with us and get thier lives back.

God bless
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I love these! So nice to see evrybodys numbers!
Ok mine is 263 off Lortab
193 days off cigs

Soooo very proud of everyone!

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I am on day 18...clean from Subs!
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28 days
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828 days
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3 days clean from Oxycontin. On day 3 now actually. I feel like crap, but am soooo determined to be free of this terrible, expensive, enprisioning drug. If i can get throu these w/ds I will never touch an OC or opiate ever again!
thank you everyone for being here. you have been a huge support.
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Face, first CONGRATS!!  Huge, man...HUGE!!

As you will probably find out...w/d's are actually the easy part.  when everything is fresh in your mind and the crappy feelings drive you to get through it.  Please look into aftercare...cause as most will tell you...the hardest part is staying strong once you feel "normal" again.

Again, great work and keep fighting...you are only a couple days from feeling MUCh better!!

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97 Days clean,alcohol and opiates,It can still be a struggle.
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8 DAYS!!!
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