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Eat some cocaine to a party. Very scred now

So yesterday I was at a party and as idiotic and stupid as I am i eat some cocaine while being drunk. It was a small amount but today Im totally freaked out and scared.

Will anything happend to me? I do not feel any fain but Im freaked out and scared.

Mixing cocaine with alcohol is not i good thing I know that.
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nope just relax and have a great day you'll be fine.
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I was a pro in my day but not a doctor but I think you will be fine just stop eating it just say no thanks next time.
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I think you will be fine too but if you arent sure you can always be seen by a doctor.  I would also stay away from that sort of scene.  Coke will grab you and take you down.
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Thank you very much for the quick answer

I will NEVER do it again. But is there any side effect i should be worried about?
Anything I should drink or eat today?
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Thank you sir
Great day to you aswell
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