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Effexor XR Addiction

I have been on 150mg Effexor XR for about 5 years.  I have been trying to wean off of it for over a year.  Ia m taking 1/5 of a 75mg capsule every other day.  I still have headaches, nausea and a feeling that my head is swimming.  I went completely of of it for 5 days and felt so bad both physically and mentally that I had to start taking it again.  My doctor doesn't understand why I want to go off of the Effexor.  He has prescribed promethazine to help with the nausea, but that is all the support I get from him. What can I do?
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Why are you stopping the Effexor?
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Some people have difficulty coming off antidepressants. And the head swimming thing is very common. If you search the internet, you'll see a bunch of symptoms and a lot of people who experience this. I would definitely go get a second opinion.

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I weaned myself from the Effexor.  I tried to just stop it and nearly lost my mind.  I cut the dose in half for a while.  Then I started opening the capsule and pouring 1/2 on my tongue.  Then less and less, till every other day till none.

I hate the docs for not telling you how dangerous it is to stop taking.  
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I too, have been trying to get off of it.  I'm down to 37.5 mg/day.. I tried to go every other day, but felt too bad (head swimming, feeling blue, etc).  I decided to stay on it.  My doc says there is no need to get off of it.  I'm just sick of taking meds.  
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It's not an adiction but a dependence. I never compulsivly took Effexor but I did have a tough time with the "abstinance symdrom" after. I took it for 5 years and quit last summer and am glad I did. It made me emotionally constipated.
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