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Efforex xr? Antidepressant good day

doing great did not take my Xanax. I think it was shrinking my testicles! Feel awesome, after wife n I hashed it out went to doc. He wanted me on efforex xr for 9 months. I said no, and he said if I think I can do it, he let me off Xanax. It made me way to emotional. And tired if a sat down, lazy in a way.  NIC u will be happy to know a bought a Nordic track tonight I can hook my iPhone right up to it listen to music, movies. Very cool. Comes with some new smart cards that program automatically. For beginner to expert. Sorry no tanning bed yet avalanche n wait. It took them for every to find the treadmill I wanted. Ialso bought wieght gainer and melatonin at vitaminshop instead of Valium. Anyone know if it works?
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Sleether songs called fake it. Try white stripes songs called icky thump. Can't wait !!
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My man...get a sweat, eat something and let us know how you feel...

I've been cranking my ipod during cardio...Nickelback...I wanna be a Rock Star and Figured You Out is on my mind...check out the tunes and let me know what you think...

Music seems to soothe some of the beast in me righ now...the other soothing comes from the sig other. :-)


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