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End of day 3 still here

Hi guys.  I am still here.  just checking in.  I have been reading posts.  Man there are lots of us.  I am sure not alone. So I have been saying prayers for all of us.  I feel a little better today.  the physical stuff is still here, but I have a little more energy today.  beginning day 4.  You guys are getting me through.  Thanks just can't touch how grateful I am.
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Am glad to hear you being positive!!!!  Congrats on the clean time!!!!  Get out and try to get some exercise.  Walk around or whatever you can do.  Your doing great!!!!  Keep going........sara
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WAY TO GO ON DAY 3...keep it up.  do get that exercise it will help alot.
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Ok really crashing.  I guess that is expected.  Wow 360 from earlier.  back to the 15 minute thing.  But still here.  I took my vitamins and some Ltyerosine.  Hopefully that will help.  It is my hubby birthday and I am trying so hard to be something for him.  Not going to make cheerful, but present would be nice.  Thanks for the encouraging words above.  I am going to make it.  I had to take my mom in for her refill of her meds today.  She has a spinal fracture.  Now that was some strength.  She lives here and I am honestly not tempted by her meds.  She needs them too much.  I don't want to do to my kids what she ( unintentionally ) does to me.  Ok going to take a hot bath now.  Thanks for listening in a shaky moment.
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That is so encouraging.  I wonder how I will ever do normal stuff or get anything done.  thanks.
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Congrats!!!  hang in there, you are just about through the worst!!!  your positive attitude will get you through this!!  
You will be able to do the normal stuff, and your head will be so clear....Prayers going your way!!
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you know.  I am walking in a fog, but I already see clearer..it is wierd, but in a way better (except for spending so much bathroom time)
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While I was in rehab, one of the best in the world.....30k, I found that 50% of people were in there because of meth, 30% from opiates, and the others from crack/coccaine. We all had the same wd symptoms. As far as I know, most people went in high or looking for life. Here is how we handled wd's and it wasn't near as bad as I see in all of these forums. Of course we were also under Dr. care and evaluated.

The first step was stepping into a sauna (steam or dry) for 2-5 hours everyday for 4 days. The quicker you wanted the stuff out of your system, the longer you stayed in. When this poors out of your fat/muscle (where opiates are mostly stored) you start feeling nausea the first time. I would step out for a while and get back in for relief but they made sure you were 'locked' in there for at least 2 hours. While most people complain of aching pain through wd period, this eliminates it. You will experience diarrhea the first couple days but what a great feeling when all the poison falls out.

Then a vitamin diet to get your nutrients and energy back.

Then the worst comes....the mind games....that special high.  This was the worst part of the 30 day rehab. 3 weeks of learning how to deal with pain and saying no while the drugs you take sit on a table right next to you. I wouldn't recommend this since I was baby sat and taking them drugs would of costed me HUGE.

I wanted of the opiates so bad that after wd, I would almost puke...even today to look at another pain pill.

Do you have a gym, fitness center, etc., near you? I would recomend this for a quick recovery.
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congrats..hang tight as u r so so close to feeling so much btter..be safe and keep posting
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