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End of day 7 ! How’s it going with everyone?

Had a busy day , started with my celebratory frozen yogurt!! I paid extra for those sprinkles! But I earned it !!
Went to our towns little zoo ! Still building back from hurricane Michael.
I listened to IPreval , the cover of Blank space is so relevant right now!!
Just enough of angry I need in my life right now!
I hope y’all are doing great hugs !
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Still loving you celebrate with frozen yogurt!!  And extra sprinkles.  Yay you!!!  How is today? I know you were a bit worried about when you went back to work.  When will that be??  But you are doing good things giving yourself care and love.  We need to be kind to ourselves and yes, treat ourselves!  :>)))  Hang tough and let me know how it's going!  hugs
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Weekend is here.  Is the weekend a harder time for you?  hugs.
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Saltygirl,   Thinking of you.  I know you have gone back to work, but I hope you check in here to let us know how you are doing...  I know you have this  girl.. I'm wishing you great things.


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Yes, I'm thinking of you too.  hugs
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