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Ending A Relationship

I would like to know if there is anything over the counter that I can take that will help me with relapses of hurt and pain from a relationship that has ended.  We are in the middle of a break up and I need help with understanding what is available if not over the counter a prescription.  Also ALTERNATIVE is the number one priority.
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Pain? Love? Going through it makes you stronger the next time around. We all gotta go through it. It's the worst reason to find something to fill the void. Worst feeling ever. Go out with friends, write your feelings down, listen to music, hang out with your mom. Stay busy! Easier said than done I know. Over time you'll look back and laugh. Trust me.
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I don't exactly understand the question. can you elaborate?
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As everyone has stated..you need to elaborate..explain..you know what we mean? Most of us on this forum are detoxing/tapering/recovering from their drug of choice. Narcotics to be exact. Although we also have realtionships that we may be "detoxing" from, your post was not clear. Please post agin and explain in some detail what you meant. you will find help here.

Hope to see you again. Take care.
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Getting messed up to ease the pain of heartache doesn't make the problem go away. It just temporarily masks the hurt for a minute. Once it wears off you will just need more and more to keep numb which will lead to more problems then a bad breakup. Just try talking to someone close to you about how you feel. Get the emotions out..
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Time heals.....................for right now though, allow yourself to grieve your loss.........put on some sad music, get out the pictures, and just let the tears "rock" you so to speak.   There is no way but through it.
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The best medicine for a lost relationship or hurt feelings is to not hold back the emotions you are meant to release. Feeling pain and lost and crying are all part of the process the body and mind needs to deal with a lost of some kind. Share your lost with a good friend or family member that is a good listener and will console you and you will feel better in a few days once you have release those emotions. This is a drug addict forum and we would all tell you not to take any medicine for this but most of us have felt some deep lost of some kind. My worst lost was my wife and i losing a full term still born baby girl. After walking in the valley of death for days and with much thought and pray, gut wrenching tears and sorrow we came to have a peaceful understanding of what happened.  
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Honestly, if it's the pain of love lost, or of a relationship ending, it's best to try to get thru it without anything.  The only way through pain is .. through pain.  It's how you grow.

Sometimes, however, I realize there are some times people need a little help.  So.. it's best to try to get through the pain by feeling it, but if that is impossible, then I would see a shrink and see what he/she could prescribe you.

But if you can do without, it's best to go through it.  it's amazing what you feel and have learned once you get to the other side.  And we always do...

good luck to you,
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