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I feel like Im draggin A**.  Ive somehow been finding deep down within myself the energy to do what needs to be done.  It seems alittle better each day.  Ive been told the energy comes back with time.  And also that a combination of alittle moderate exercise and amino acids/and or vitamins help.  Any suggestions would be greatfully appricated.  Anything to give me a tiny little boost up would be fantastic!!!!  Red bull isnt cutting it!  And for the first day in a week Im actually hungry.  Which is encouraging, since food is fuel and Ive dropped a few pounds.(is it normal to loose wieght like that?)  I know eating a more balanced diet will help as well. Just was wanting to know what has worked for my fellow survivers, that I could use in my own battle!!! Also this, community is so helpful and supportive and I feel blessed to be apart of it!!!
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will do, bud!
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great info axl...this is cool, you shuld put in on a journel page for more to view. or post it by itself on here, its good info that prob help lotz of other peps
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good info axl, i had been using sugar for energy..dumb..I should have known better..sugar crash..I know this! Seems I have alot to remember now that my brain cells are coming back to life. Thnaks for the time you put into your posts, means alot to all of us I am sure, it does to me. Always good info.
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thanks for your post axl! i was just reading this and your list was also helpful too me. i am dragging butt after 3pm and very snappie. hang in there trying it will get better sounds like alot of us are going through the same thing right now!!
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By making these 10 simple steps part of your daily routine you can efficiently increase your energy naturally, without relying on heavy caffeine and toxins that can be detrimental to your body.

1. Eat protein at every meal: One of the most important ways to keep your blood sugar balanced and energy levels high is to include protein at every meal, breakfast and snacks included. The best protein sources include fish, organic meat, chicken, eggs, yogurt, and whey protein powder. Consider making a healthy smoothie for breakfast or snacks using Paleomeal or other healthy organic whey protein, frozen fruit, and some almond milk.

2. Limit sugar and caffeine intake: Might sound bizarre but sugar and caffeine give you instant energy, but a few hours later, and in the long term, they will only make you more tired. Sugar, fructose corn syrup, and caffeine weaken your adrenal glands, which in turn are responsible for your energy levels. So, by consuming sugar and caffeine, you are weakening your body’s natural energy system. You must wean yourself off of these! Try having one cup of green tea instead, and if you must sweeten your food or beverage, try using Xylitol.

3. Take nutritional supplements. Eating a "perfect" diet does not give us enough key nutrients, such as Carnitine, CoQ10, magnesium, B-complex, and Omega 3s, for optimal energy levels. Taking supplements is necessary to ensure adequate amounts in your system and to cover any deficiencies. On my site you can see in more detail what each nutrient provides.

4. Check for food intolerances or allergies: Most people with low grade food allergies and sensitivities are unaware that they have them because the symptoms are as subtle as low energy and difficulty losing weight. Some of the most common food sensitivities are to wheat (gluten) and dairy (casein). If there is a food you love and eat single every day, try eliminating it for two weeks and see if your energy increases.

5. Check for yeast overgrowth in the intestines: Gas, bloating, and carbohydrate or sugar cravings are often caused by yeast overgrowth which in turn causes low energy levels. A nutritionist can help you determine whether this may be the case, or you can take a Candida questionnaire assessment. Limiting refined carbohydrates and taking supplements to combat Candida can remedy this problem and renew your energy.

6. Make sure you do not have any medical conditions that can cause fatigue. These include low thyroid function, low iron, high iron (hemochromatosis), and a range of other ailments which can be determined by blood tests.

7. Get enough sleep! We all need different amounts of sleep to wake up feeling rested. Figure out how much your body needs so that you are able to wake up without an alarm clock.

8. Don't exercise too much or too little. Either one can cause low energy levels. If you are a stressed, don't pick a stressful form of exercise such as running or aerobics. Instead, try Pilates, Tai Chi, yoga, lifting weights, or walking. Exercise should leave you refreshed, not wiped out. You must include exercise into your routine at least three times a week.

9. Maintain emotional stability. This is important to avoid sleepless nights, which stresses the body. Our emotional health is important in order to avoid the stress and worry that often leads to reduced sleep quality, and affect our energy each day.

10. Don't work too much. If you work long hours and have a stressful job, make sure to schedule leisure activity on the weekends rather than more work.
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I have (2) 1QT Jugs of orange gatorade here, with my LTyorisine and B6...helps me, i'm @ day 4...everyone's different, but as Norco said, "One day at a time"!!!

go for a walk or a jog, as hard as that may sound, or go to the mall and just walk around...anyting better than just stayin home (i know it seems hard, but once u do it, u will feel better)

take some deep breaths!
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L-Tyrosine may help you a little with the energy part.. plus it helps to re-establish all those Neuro-transmitters we FRY while using...which in turn may help you with your mood...

Remember that everyday will get a little better... baby steps towards our recovery...and... ONE DAY AT A TIME!
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Hey there!  

I am on day 7 today, and I feel pretty good.  I have been pushing the fluids hard!  Force yourself to drink lots of water (pills dehydrate you).  And you say that your appetite is back...that's your bodys way of saying "feed me!"....so feed your appetite!  Your body need nutrients right now.  Also...I know it's really really hard, but force yourself to exercise in some way.  Go for a walk, or do pushups or something.  Anything to get the blood flowing.  Do all of this, and you will notice your energy coming back day by day.

Good luck...hope this helps.
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