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Ephedrine and ... aftermath effects of another.

Ephedrine to my knowledge is not chemically addictive that I know of... but I feel I'm more than living proof that it can become so addictive you just continue to take it, even when you feel like sh*t.

Back in '95 at a party I was tired, and a friend offered me some of his meds that had Ephedrine in it. Soon thereafter I started taking prior to workouts, and late at night while partying.

I never took anymore than 75mgs on a lifting day... That (the last time @ 75mgs) was in '96. I've managed to find myself now at around 30 a day, give or take, with no particular reason other than to just do it, and the fact that I work shift work, and stay up for days at a time, with no special reason... (yup, you guessed it, I'm a rocket scientist! <duh>)

Anyhow, I'd like to toss'em aside, but don't even now seem to be able too... Been getting worse just recently, and have gotten scared to the point within the last week that I promised I wouldn't buy more, and I did. Surprised?

I'm not sure what to do, if its in my head, or in the pills... Either way, I know I have to stop, but can't. Would like to talk w/someone, just can't talk with anyone here. If anyone has any suggestions, please, reply... Thanks.

Someone suggested rehab before, but really, for ephedrine? Funny.. Plus I'd embarress the family to a point which I wouldn't even want to acknowledge. Not an option, but there has to be something that'd be non-intrusive to everyone else around me, them not knowing I mean.

My char limit is up..
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lets back/up, I think I can help you out, let me know what you are taking "exactly" what pill, the company, the name, etc. and I will give you all the info I have.
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I ran out of characters... Sorry...

The other was this. A couple of years ago I did quite a bit of 'e' but haven't touched it since. But while I was messing around with it, I also took pretty large amounts of Ephedrine. (lets just say, I should've died, I even know that now) Seems since then, its been an ever growing thing, until then, using prior to workouts was enough, now... Lets just say for instance, the local Sunoco station, morning employee, before anything else, asks,"1 bottle or 2?"... Seems to be a joke, we both always smile.
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I don't think you saw my post, so let me know what your taking, what company, what kind, what milligram etc......
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Answer to your question:

Ephedrine Plus : Marketed by - DMD Pharm. a Div of Dickey Consumer

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I'm not sure how you can take 30 of those. I have been there done that with oxy, cocaine, e and ephedrine ESPECIALLY EPHEDRINE, I'm a fitness freak however, I hate the feeling of ephedrine, a lot of people have started taking 5htp, and or ecdodriene, or what is called Rosaven, (sp) rosaven can take the edge off. I don't know what you can do except start to taper off, because that can do some serious damage to your body, trust me, I"m not one to preach, but it really does. I need you to be truthful here, are you taking anything else?????? cocaine, ridalin, etc........
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May god stike me dead right here, right now, NO, just the ephedrine for awhile now... Never touched coke, tried e and when I was working out all the time dball (which landed me in the hospital with rabdomyolosis).

The last 1yr + just ephedrine...
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30 a day isn't that difficult, trust me, especially if your up most the time.. Usually 3 every 2hrs, sometimes only 2.. Every now and again, depending on how I feel, up to 10 at a time. I haven't taken that many at once since I had to do weekends in county jail though. (long story..)
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The ephedrine might start to mess around with the cirulation in your body.  Escpecially your legs.  I know a couple of people who this happened to.  Any type of speed can have very detrimental effects to the heart and I am sure you know that you don't want to stay where your at.  As far as I know, there should not be any withdrawal from them, so just try to put them down.
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Well Fitz, I'm sorry to hear about your ephedrine addiction. But you are by no means, alone. I have used "Mini Thins" for over twenty years. Legal in my home state, they are sold at liquor stores, gas stations and even health food stores for $4 to $7 per bottle of sixty 25mg tabs. This is the stuff that is used to manufacture methamphetamine around these parts of the midwest...if that tells you anything?

I still use them but rarely take more than 100mg per day.  If you(I) take more, you end up like a Zombie or worse.

Apparently, you cannot use them in moderation so be prepared for some extreme health problems.  Heart attack, anuerism, psychosis are but a few of these.  Thank God that I'm not predisposed to taking such stimulants in high doses, preferring opiates myself.

Don't ever think that going into rehab for any drug addiction "sounds funny".  From chocolate to heroine, it's all the same for us. It's not a laughing matter so much as it is a life and death matter, afterall!

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i saw your post on a thread waaaay at the bottom...i thought i'd answer it up here, so maybe others will too.

my friend was on adderall (sp?) for a few months, and she went thru what you are describing when she stopped. she now takes it when she wants extra energy...NOT how she's supposed to take it.  she's supposed to take it for adhd, but she sort of faked the symptoms so her doc would give them to her....she really wanted them for weight loss.  they make her really hyper, and i can always tell when she's on them.  

you should ask your doc if they are a med you'll be on for life.  if you are taking it for adhd, then it seems like you might be taking them for quite awhile, but i don't know.  is there a reason you want to stop?
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your up early this morning....  Well, we haven't really talked all that much, but I do want to know your doing ok, I would love to see you as well as everyone else (including myself) come out of this ok. So if you get a chance, give me an update. I will be here.


P.S - i guess we could use the rain, but it makes me miserable.
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i'm fine - nothing that happens on this forum would make me not fine...know what i mean?  it isn't my life.  have a great day!
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Good morning all. Looks like y'all have been up for awhile, unless it was just a late night. Question: I am six weeks clean, and still have no energy, very little "drive" and just feel plain blah and depressed. Can anyone who is further along then me give me an idea of when things will look up? I am on the recipe, haven't added the 5HTP yet though. The only other time I've detoxed to this point I was switched to Buprenex, so I've really never been this far. I was on opiates for about 2 years regularly, off and on before that. This sucks! I just want to be back to normal, whatever that is. I hate have zero motivation. Any insight would be appreciated. tracy
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Fitz, I apologize for hi-jacking your thread, but I tried to get my own at ten minutes after midnight (this site's time) and they said, of course, they had reached their limit of questions for today.  I *do* wish you well and will share whatever I can with you, but ephedrine just makes me sleepy, so you'd only laugh at me. <G>
I needed to post for - J.B.
I was just re-reading some material down farther and, if  my brain cell is even semi-functional, you've got about ten days left 'til your one year?
I know you've been devastated by this issue, but you didn't let it kill you, and you didn't let it stop you.  With all the pain and horror you've seen in your life and all you've lived through, you've hung on, stayed strong and you've been one of the ones who's posts I've clung to when I didn't have the strength to post myself. I am honored to be a part of your circle and admire your faith in your Higher Power, and your conviction that He is keeping you strong.  I also admire you.  You have done a miraculous thing.
Thank you for letting me in.

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good afternoon. is there a reason that no one seems to be acknowledgeing me for the last few days? not even a hi,how r u doing.im feeling invisable. just nothing
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hi - how're you doing?  i don't usually say hi to anyone specifically - just the group as a whole.
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You must have missed the posts from tex3 and a few others asking where you were when you were not posting for a while.

I know over the internet and on message boards it is very easy to misinterpret things and to get a bit paranoid, but take it from one who's been there...it is far better to not make assumptions.  Instead, just jump on in. Post to someone specifically. Ask how they are doing, then tell us how you are doing, and it never hurts to say "I really need to hear from someone so please post to me".

I did that at first, when I was working on getting clean. It worked better than sitting at the computer feeling paranoid that no one liked me.

good luck...people did wonder where you were while you were not posting.

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thanks guys,  i was a little lonely thats all- plus my computer is acting wacked-since emily(OK OK OK I admit it i split soda on it)and now does whatever,randomly changing pages,superimposing one on top of each other and it seem sometimes the posts read out of order.  i love you all, im feeling great ,i switched to the patch and have to say i love it- i dont even think about pills can sleep in the night ands i ran down the steps before ,something i havent done in five years since i broke my ankle and had all these rods and pins and plates in it-i usually go down like a little old lady,all timid,I know that the patch is also a narcotic but im finding that popping it on and 3 days im good to go and not seeking a high so i think that for the 1st time in a long time im doing it right-and not obsessing or abusing.When it was sugessted last year i refused because what was the fun of that but now i m using it as a step on changing my pattern of addiction and assocations and ritual and its working,and ive even found it easier not to smoke,kinda like always having a smoke in a bar because they taste good together,no pill, no smoke.its amasing how much ritual runs our days. have a great night  sleep tight and dont let the monsters bite     laura
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I am *so* glad the patch is helping you.  My DH gave it up after a month because it made him feel stupid, I told him he *is* .... well, lol! nevermind!
Seriously, they weren't working for him, but I've had patients with chronic pain at they are nothing short of a miracle.
You "sound" the best I've ever "heard" you.

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Hi Me! I'm sorry I haven't posted; for the past two days I've been in excrutiating pain from migraines, so have selfishly done nothing but wallow in my misery. I posted about it under another topic.
I'm soooo glad that the patch is helping you! That's wonderful! I really think this is a step on the road to recovery for you. Get a plan on how long you want on this, then if you can, think about getting off it all (when YOU are ready). You sound much, much better. I, too, get paranoid that no one likes me and no one wants me to post, but I push it aside as stupidity (I hope!) and keep on posting. Email me anytime. I'm sorry I didn't respond yesterday, but again I haven't been online until now. Unfortunaly things have not been so good for me, but I'm trying. I'm really proud of you, and check the old posts to see how concerned I was -- I asked about you all the time!
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i have read all your comments on Ephedrine and haven't seen a lot of mention about the side effecs you had while on it.  I am trying to figure out if it is what my husband is taking and it may be the reason behind his mood swing and irrational  & irresponcible behaviors.  and does this show up in a drug screen? If he is taking something i imagine it would have to leave the system compleyly and quickly to not be dected ona drug screen since he is an officer. thanks and good luck to all over comming their problems.
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Sorry if i butchered your nickname.  I'm good at that.  Ephedra is another form of ephedrine, I believe.  Side effects are mood swings, having energy all at once and then none, and staying up for long periods of time.  I do not know if all the over-the-counter forms of ephedrine show up as an amphetamine or if it stays in the system a long time.  
We need Mr.Michael.
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It can (I think) be attributed to mood swings by people who use it on a regular basis.... I think. I've been told.

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I began taking Metabolife and other pills with ephedra/ephedrine about two years ago and have been on a fairly regular basis ever since.

I have noticed some adverse reactions though including mood swings and irritability as well as insomnia.  I know that when the pills wear off I go from feeling great and euphoric to severely depressed, which often leads me to taking two more.  IN that sense, it is addictive -- if one cannot tolerate how they feel without it and must continue to acheive desirable feelings.  

When I do not take them, I fear getting fat and I notice how self-concious I am.  This feeling leaves me longing for the confidence and euphoria that I get after taking them.

I am concerned not about having some sudden reaction as I only take the certain doses recommended each time, but I have been taking it for a long period of time than recommended.  I do worry about this and hw it can effect someone due to prolonged use.  Sometimes, the only thing I find regarding that is it can lead to insomnia, etc.  I tend to think if one were to have a heart attack or something, it would be from one single dose and that has never happened so I imagine I react well to it.

Any thoughts on this?

I did find two sites with good information:


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