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Euphoria With No Drugs?

I am on day 7, and since day 5, I have been feeling euphoric. I slept 3 hours on day 5, and when I woke up I knew I was done with the physical symptoms. I have been bouncing all over the place and getting things done. I have been talking to all my friends both past and present. I have been getting flooded with all sorts of fun memories. I am totally loving life. People think I am on drugs now. lol Am I unique, or did this happen to any of you?
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happened to me..my physical wds were over in 3-4 days..the excitement of what i had done carried me for 2 weeks

then boom!  mentally my road was hard//not sure if it beat me up cos my physical was so easy...dunno..all i know is if i hadnt been here and and learned what i needed to do.///i woulda crashed and burned
Being a very active person..this was tough fro me..i literally drank rocket shots to get out of the door to go to work...all i did was go to work and come home and sink into my couch...in reality i was pure Sinking///the fatigue and depression that enveloped me was way worse than the runs and headache i had for a couple of daus...i was on my way back to the place I was trying so hard to leave behind me...and headed there fast
Sure I had attended a few meetings...was i really into it???no   i thought i could control myself as usual//this was enuf to make me realize than the one thing i had No control over//was fixin to bite me in the bu11 hard//once again...but this time i did not let it//i upped my meetings to daily//my workouts to daily//and re-read the thomas recipe and took recommended doses of the aminos./.and pulled thru
I hope ur euphoria lasts forever!  Perhaps it will...but if it does not..and PAWS bites u hard...be aware enuf to know the right moves to make...cos u and ur recovery r very important//using gets us nowhere//we know that or we would not be here

keep posting//and i wish u the umph most good days that u can possibly have//just remember everyday is not a good day//not even for nopn-addicts..it just doesnt work that way
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Yep it happens to most of us.  Its called the pink cloud effect.  Keep your guard up as the hard part will kick in now.  Hopefully you have some sort of aftercare in the plans.  Congrats on day 7!!!  You are in control now, not your addiction          sara
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Did you read that? If you guys stick with it, you can hit the pink cloud. I will make it last forever, because I am loving this pink cloud. If I knew the pink cloud was waiting, I wouldn't have minded being up for 5 days. I will keep you guys posted on the duration of the pink cloud.

I discussed my after care plans in my last post.
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I hope you do keep riding that pink cloud.
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Me too..ride it "all night long"...think that was Tom Petty...everyone in the real world knows the pink Cloud is only a cloud.,..and it floats away...so u go on with ur bad self...u seems as if u have this under control..check back in 90 days..the pink cloud will have disentegrated and left u on a black cloud//have the feeling u will not be here in 90- days..just a gut feeling/cos those who ride the pink cloud dont make it long//and sorry that most here have better things to occupy their minds with than googling ur last post///we are living life and please state ur wherabouts in recovery in each post until u r well known if u expect us to somehow miraculously remember u from a crowd who comes and goes here//floating on this wonderous cloud then relapsing never to be heard from again..we r always here to support//domino being one of the main peeps here at all hours of the night ..and hoping i am wrong///but u go on with ur bad self///and post when u crash//cos thinkin u will...and hope it is not too deep
addiction is not sumping to float around on//it is serious business//i hope u ride ur pink coud all night long for many nights to come...but odds are against it
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Wow, I was trying to motivate people to get to the pink cloud stage. I will never relapse. I need my beauty sleep!
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Day 6 and I feel great, the first 4 days were hell but as lurker said day 5 was the corner stone, stress reducing Herbal vitamins really helped as well as Nyquil for the tough nights for sleeping. It is definitely euphoric to be rid of the white devils....percs and vicos..You are stronger than the addiction, and therefore you can kick it in it's a..
Good luck to all of you stay on the pink cloud as this is alot better than that fake high.
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Great for you! You will have many more of those days ahead of you! I am 3 weeks today and I feel that way very often! Congrats to you, I believe you have this thing beat
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if you feel good,that is good.don't let negative posts get ya down.you are doing just fine.
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Lurker,  that is awesome!  Glad you feel so good.  You deserve it!  Still waiting for that feeling myself, but I know all good things come to those who wait.  I am patiently waiting!!!!  Take care!
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Way to go in encouraging others. Enjoy it while it lasts. You know it wont be forever cause this...IS life. Someone told me long ago; dont get too high on the highs or too low on the lows. Its so very true.
Glad to hear you're doing so well! I personally will be "googling" your last posts. I am very interested your recovery because I beleive you WILL NOT fail! You have aftercare in place, right?  
Keep posting and enjoy the journey, my friend :)
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Day 8 and I feel great. I just saw Avatar.

I knew after the physical crap when I slept my first 3 hours on day 5 that I was done. Somebody said to me “Your bad self.” Well, yea, I was an athlete and at 40, I was easily beating kids in their 20’s. I knew without any doubt that I am hard core enough to will my way through the rest.

Now, I read some of your posts and it is whaa whaaa…on day ten I took 2 pills. Why? Yea, I don’t get it. We made up our minds not to relapse.

TOUGHEN UP CUPCAKES. Sheeesh…People are trapped under buildings in Haiti for longer than some of you can hold out.

And for those that doubt me, I am willing to bet $1,000 that I will not relapse.
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