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Im on massive amounts of andro after my testicular cancer. I mustered up the energy to get up and lift some weights and god it feels great to be goin through this and get up and do something for the first time in years. It is emotionally cleansing to pick the weights up and release all my anger at that!
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MOVING helps...I have been so busy I need to stop and take the time to hit the fym...exercise helps and xiety, fatigue, depression...and ur health...those endorphins just get going and if i am worn out, i have renewed nrg when i leave...good for u and congrats on ur clean time
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scott whats andro just wondering my son had testicular cancer at 8 years old.
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Andro is just a synthetic testosterone replacement that you can get in numerous  ways. I take a gel that i rub on my shoulders everyday or it also comes in injection i.m. and i bekieve there is also a pill. I have to take it because the radiation i had "cooked" my other nut even thougjh it was covered everytreatment. Give your son my best wishes. I know how hard it is to have your mortality thrown in your face at a young age. In my case 26 when diagnosed.
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