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Excessive sweating from armpits 60 days after opiate use

I bought 2 botox treatments the second one they said was the most you can have 100mg but still till this day
i always go back to using opiates cause im embarrased about my sweating its terrible. Ive been using for 3 years now off and on, any suggestions to stop the sweating so i could finally kill this demon addiction
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Hi there...I had terrible underarm sweating as well. However, I can remember going through that before I started talking percs. The withdraw from percs just amped it up 50x as percs affect our bodies fluid retention and after we stop it takes a while for everything to even out.

I know what you mean though I remember it was bad. At 3+ months I still do sweat under my arms however it is much  less and I get the sense that things have finally calmed down and this is where I would be at 29 yrs old even if I never took a pill.

That being said...I hope you are not fooled  by your addiction. I am not being sarcastic at all I really am just asking...do you believe that once you control the sweating you can stop taking pills? Im not sure but you might find this more difficult than you first thought. I would stop the pills first as opposed to your desire to stop the sweating. The sweating will calm afterwards.

I wish you the best, let us know how you make out :) also, certain dry works but only if you use it right (your underarms must be 100% dry and clean, you can't move around as its soaks in, etc).

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I meant to add...I did not sweat at all while taking pills as well. It's still not worth it though...life is better without those things...sweaty underarms or not!
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Hi there I copied this from a website, don't know if it will help or not. I hope so.

Treatments for hyperhidrosis include over-the-counterantiperspirants, prescription antiperspirants like Drysol (20% aluminum chloride), iontophoresis, pills like glycopyrrolate (Robinul), and surgery. Robinulmay be reserved for special occasions like school dances, job interviews, weddings, proms, anniversaries, first dates, and other really important events.
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but when i do an opiate i dont sweat i dont get it..... oxys, dope w.e i wont sweat
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but im now im clean so i sweat everyday and its even worse cause i recently just stopped and the cold weather blows in jersey i wish i could hibernate for the winter
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I only had that problem a few times on cold nights here in west va, but I sleep with a zillion blankets on me so idk. But it's takes time, maybe a doctor could help? I don't know if you have checked with them or not, your life will be so much better without the opiates, I'm 57 and was on them  for 20 years, got really bad last 7 months when I went to oxy ir. I stopped ct 16 days ago, best decision I ever made. And I have this forum to thank for it!
Eternally grateful to everyone here!
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miraDry is a proven treatment to stop Excessive, Underarm Sweating or Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis with BOTOX® solutions that is approved by the FDA. Reference: http://www.miradryuk.co.uk/
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Those pills suppress ALL of our normal bodily functions.
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