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Eyeofhorus2010 has just past 1yr clean!!!!

hi everyone you all know how much I like posting thes today eyeothorus2010 has 368 days clean and if any body followed his story its been a struggle but there listening and learning he has concured addivction for a yr now he is a contributing member who always takes the time to be timely with his answers on the posts he has leared a lot and passes it on down to the next person that needs to here it and he is a valued member of our community so my friend go out and celebrate you have eared it may God bless you abundantly.....see you here next yr your C/L and fellow addict Mark    
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thats great
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WoooHoooo!! Congratulations on ONE YEAR!!! What a milestone!
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Hey, thanks for the shout out.

In the begining it was really hard, and it did get easier as time went by.

The one thing that made a difference this time as opposed to the many previous failures was Medhelp. the first few months I posted often, now not as much but I have made it a point to get here everyday for the past year to at least read posts and remind myself that I'm not cured, I am and always will be an addict. Medhelp and the members here helped me understand finally that I can't be clean for a month or two and then attempt to control occasional use. An addict doesn't have that kind of control.

Thanks again to all of you, I draw strength from those that are 1 day into sobriety as much as those that have multiple years.

And Gnarly, I especially found your mantra of " you have to change the very way you think" to be helpful in steering me to why I use to begin with. That more than anything has helped me get past cravings and to deal with my life head on. Drugs don't make my problems go away, they just make me go away and that's a dead end road for sure.

Thanks so much for the support. You guys are the best.
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CONGRATS, eyesofhorus... so well done !!! go out and celebrate it :) ..and post more, we need you here
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Congrats on your year clean!  Hold that clean time sacred~~~sara
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Very happy for you!
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I really am so happy for you eye
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Congrats!!!!  I can't wait till I am able to say the same! :-)
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I remember all of your posts eyeofhorus and I was so inspired by you - and still am.   A BIG GIANT CONGRATS FROM ME TOO!  Thank you for being here.  You help more than you know.  :)
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Wow. I just joined MedHelp today. To see such an inspiration gives me hope. Congratulations!
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So sorry I missed this one. Congrats to you sir. Well done.
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