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FIORICET ??? Are you Familiar

Out of the two Codeine and the Butibital in Fioricet what is the most addicting?  It works very well on my tension headaches however I have heard contradicting stories.
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Hey everyone, I need you *today*, I've been horribly busy, taking care of life, trying to taper.  I'm finally able to get to this board and beg for help and you're all mad at each other.
The tapering is working, but I've been crying for three solid days.  My email is down, so ............
I came here to whine and snivel and beg for encouragement, and not only has everyone gone away mad, RADIOFRIGGIN'BOY is at the top of the bloody list!
I'm on the recipe and also taking my Welbutrin.  Can I start taking the L-Tyrosine *before* I'm completely off the Vicoden?
Please, somebody, just come talk to me.

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yes wren you can start the receipe now
i has been working wonders for me i have 5 weeks off the vikes
good luck , i hope you feel better ,
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l-tyrosine is part of the receipe a big part,don,t forget the imodium,  you don't want to lose all the nuentrents in your body with the runs that can lead to much added discomfort
bannanas are real good for the leg spasms/restless legs.

keep posting , it will be ok. don't pay atention to any bikering here on the site , it's really not that big a deal, hope fully
we will all just keep our eyes on recovery and answers to withdrawl problems. and other pertnent questions about getting cleaned up and pain management
every one here has a lot to offer in these departments
thanks for posting.
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Thank you so much.  My worst problem is feeling so awfully sad, and alone.  Too sad to go somewhere and *not* be alone.
I've been taking all of the recipe except the L-Tyrosine.  I have no idea why, but I thought I was supposed to wait 'til I was completely *off* the vikes to start taking it. ?  Oh!  That was the buprenex, wasn't it?
I haven't been able to get the buprenex yet, thanks though, WW.
My email's going to be down a few days.  When it's back up, WW, I can send you a copy of the Pagan 12-Steps.

Hippy, you saved me.  When I got here only to find Radioboy, I figured the Universe was playing another joke on me.

Dr. X.  I read your note.  It helped a great deal.  One doesn't feel so sad if they know they've helped another.

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5htp is a supplment to increce seratonen levels
i have been taking for the last 10 days and is great for
depression, and those feelings of being overwhelmed,and alone
'you might want to look into it it seems to be working  for me.
i have been feeling better since i added it to the receipe.
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5htp?  Is it very expensive and can I take it *with* my Welbutrin?
Also, would flushing my raucous parrot down the toilet be detrimental to my recovery at this point? lol! Yes, I'm feeling a little better now that I've had someone to talk with, hippy.

The parrot is a Quaker, about ten inches high and when she's getting demanding, she owns a squawk that feel like sandpaper on my brain.

Making some more chamomille tea and trying to find an online site to help me write a resume',
rock on, hippy,
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It is good to see you back, hope you are feeling better soon. I've been having an overly sensitive day I guess. I heard something read in a 12 step mtg the other night- as long as the ties that bind us together are stronger than those that would tear us apart- all will be well. We're all still here, pay no attention to the irritability, I guess we all still know that we are not alone and doing the best we can to help each other. Blessings to all- IR
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I've been tapering down and staying busy.  Need to get a job, even if it's just for a little while.  Trying to stay alive while waiting for Disability could do a person some serious damage.
I'm doing well on the tapering.  Chamomille tea and sleeping in a tub of hot water for those hideous limb "ticklings".
The worst part really does seem to be the depression, just crying and crying.  I'll take the L-tyrosine tomorrow.  It's so late now, I'm afraid it will keep me awake.

Thank you for helping me tonight.
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I'm no expert, but I think they both are equally addictive but with different WD symptoms.  The Barbutal can cause seizures if it is abruptly stopped, while the codeine will cause classic abstanince symptoms (chills, sweating, vomiting, etc) to appear.

Just my 2 cents
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I od's off about 60 Esgic, another name for plain fiorcets.  The barbituate level was too high to read.  What is the worst of it was my daughter finding me on the kitchen floor, barely breathing.  So it is a dangerous drug to be taking more than prescribed.  You the sedation qualities of butibital and the buzz form the codeine.  I'd find something safer to take, if I had the tendancy to take too much.  The tylenol is not good for the liver either.  Go either clean up or find a better drug to abuse.  Good luck and post back.
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here is a sit that effects of codein and barbiturates

its called drug effects
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as my wife told you in an earlyer post, welcome back!! now you should know this by now, i'm going to say it anyhow... there will
ALWAYS be room for just one more addict.................

about all the fussing, fighting, and feuding. i don't know what to
say...it seems to be something to pass the time on weekends...

believe it or not, it's all a part of getting clean and staying
staying clean. personality conflict was a problem for me before do-
ing drugs, while doing drugs, and of course while getting clean from drugs! hang in there, were not like this all ther time, ok?
anyhow good to see you back!!

keep angel on your shoulder!
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I might get on the recipe, now that i'm completely sober, it might help with the lethargy, and or depression.
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good to see ya posting  you were here when i found this fourm
2 months ago, thanks for being there.
ya the receipe along with the 5htp has taken the depressions i used to get when  ever i was kicking, and completly lifted it.
no depression at all , and let me tell  ya the depression used to kick my but.  the receipe has helped greatly with that lack of energy problem.   good luck. peace.
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I leave for not even a day and I havent seen anyone really posting, I guess thats how it is here, its hard to post all the time. anyway, can we keep radioboy from posting??? I think we all know hes looking for quick fixes, I don't even want to know where hes getting it from.  Anyway, how is everyone doing?? groovy? skipper? you guys out there.  Its a rainy monday morning, and for the first time in a long time, I have nothing in my system, I have no withdrawals but the depression is kicking my ass. I guess it doesn't help that my girlfriend is in the bahamas at the "Atlantis" ...............
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good morning everyone.  I see the fur is flying around here.I have to tell you that Ive been haunting the forum for the last few days because my feelings too were hurt- I know that sometimes my post seem garbled but thats usually because im rocking em and pecking with one finger as she sleeps in my lap, plus i spell like **** and also sometimes i find to get my real feelings out,i just have to say it,without censour or if i think too much about grammer,i lose the essance.Like groovy i feel like no one was listening,and     i was just begin humored,kinda lika a birthday party i was invited to when i was 8, i thought i was with friends and then over heard someone say i was just there because her mother made her invite me because i invited her ro my party.It was shatteringBUT THATS HOW I FELT,not how i feel .time gives a new prepective to many things.We all know why we are here, and We all know that we are manic-yes,i jump from highs to lows in a blink,on top of the world then in the mud,Yes it must seem flakey,and must be annoying for those who take the time  to offer help,,and it must seem like i am just not listening to all tha advice people offer,but you know thats not it.If we all knew how to cope with our feelings and life in a healthy way I dont think we would all be here on the forum,AND WE ALL NEED TO REMEMBER THIS- maybe its a full moom or maybe like long term partners we are starting to look alike,or maybe were all cycling at the same time but it is very apparent that WE are having a collective breakdown,Its ok when we take turns,because then we just help pull the stuggling one up,but right now we are all struggling and I know,AND YOU know that no one here is trying to hurt anyone.WE need to be honest and fair-when things get tough for you or I we act like a ****-so lets not assume,that the person standing next to us can do any better,give up your hand and maybe together we can pull ourselfs free from this break in the ice because,i know for a fact my arm is too short to do it alone-but if we make a chain and spread the weight of our troubles we will be able to get on thicker ice,without leaving anyone alone to flounder and sink. (pretty good huh?LOL   i was inspired by  the poets on the forum)  laura
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Oh, I know about the crankiness.  I do not work and play well with others myself, on *many* occasions.  
I knew you all would be back, I was just being selfish and needing you NOW!! LOL!!  Give that angel on your shoulder a hug from the little, round witch.  If she's looking after an addict, she deserves a hug.
I like the phrase "Always room for one more addict".  In my travel through life, I've found I like addicts, and alcoholics the best.  They understand emotional challenge, a generally maintain a better sense of humor about themselves than Normals.

I wasn't able to get any bup, so I'm simply doing the slow taper. SIMPLY!  Bwahahahaha! <gasp, wheeeeze!>  Simply! Oh, gods, thats silly.  I needed that!  It's working though.  I'm now trying to remember exactly why it was I wanted to find out how bad the pain is really getting.  Oh.  Yeah.  150 mg of vike a day and climbing, that's it.

The pain's still here, but so am I.
Thanks for the "meditation", WW.  Got a chance to use a hot tub in Circle last night.  Sulis came and calmed.

<see, when I'm not so depressed, you have to put a sock in my mouth.>
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I keep hearing this "recipe" being mentioned. I've also seen people ask about it and they were advised to look at the archived posts. I for the life of me cannot find this recipe! All I can piece together from multiple postings I have read is that it contains valium, L-tyrosine(?) and immodium. Can anyone just tell me what the ingredients are, milligrams, how much and how often to take. I've been on a vicodin binge for about the past week and I'm going to run out of pills on Tuesday and I'm not looking forward to withdrawls. I can already feel them when I get up in the morning before I take my first vicodin. I want this to be the last time I have to withdrawl. Anybody who can help please respond!
P.S. I don't have access to valium or any other benzos, are there any other good alternatives?
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sorry to post twice, just having a really bad day, I'm really anxious at work, I don't think my body has adjusted to the fact that I will not have any susbtances in my body while at work or when I get home, well, other then the occasional valium. Anyway, if anyones out there, I will be here...............
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I didn't see your post, I apologize, the recipe usually contains enough valium/benzos to allow yourself pretty much to sleep through the first couple of days. The recipe is L-tyrosine, I think 500mg pills, zinc, 5htp will help take off the edge, immodium and a multi vitamin. You should have started taking all of that a few days ago so that they would be in your system, so start taking them ASAP. Other then that, your gonna go through some pain, don't worry, it won't be that bad, just work through it. YOu will do this, no biggie, well maybe it sucks, but laugh at yourself through it, I found that laughing at myself helps. A few nights ago I found myslef thinking I was competing against another person "restless leg" I refused to give up and then I said OUTLOUD "oh, you son of ***** you win!!, I give up" and started laughing. I can't believe I said that outloud.......... too funny. Anyway, I hope your day gets better.
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hey there ,
iam clean cold turkey from15 vikes ady , now for 6weeks
i am taking the recipe.

l-tyrosine 500mg.  6  caps a day week 1/ cut it to 3 caps a
day after  the 1st week.
b-6 100gm  2 a day
zinc       1 a day
cal -magnisum  1 day
vit a
vit c
imoudium  for the runs. 1 a day or 2

bannanas arereal good for leg spasims
gatoraide is goo for lost electro lites.

this whloe mixture reaall helps our systems whitchw get depleted by the use and abuse of vikes,hydros ,percs,
these pills deaden our natural pleasure receptors in our brains.
thus the loss of good feeling  and numbness twards life.
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If I hurt you, it was out of concern, and I am truly sorry.  You are right in your post.  I think it was a collective breakdown.
Negative vibes are contagious.  I apologize for my part in it all, with groovy.  I should not have bashed her for being herself.  This is a safe place.  Or at least it should be.  No more bashing from me.  I'll take my inadequacies elsewhere.  I hope you are doing as well as you sound.  It was legible and the topic was right on target.  Well, my kid should be coming home soon.  I'll post more if I can, if not, my thoughts are with you all.
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people what is with all the drama.  We are all ADDICTS, you don't think some of us will become defensive at times??....... don't sweat it, there is no harm meant by anyone. I hope you are all feeling better and less offended, I also hope its nice where ever you are. ITs pouring and miserable out where I am.
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Hey dude,  Good to see you here.  I thought you left for good.  I too am having a shitty morning.  I've been clean for a month and a half almost, and although I don't suffer physically, and really have no depression. I'm lethargic, and am having some serious cravings.  I thought that after this long, I would stop thinking about the damned dope, but NO..  the ******* little monster is whispering in my ear, and you know what he's saying.. "hey dive, you've been clean for a while, I bet your tolerance is down, hey why don't you get some pills, and I bet you would get REALLY ****** up, c'mon man, It will feel great to use JUST ONE MORE TIME!!!"

I'm trying not to listen but this is worse now than a month ago.  I guess I just have to keep trying to ignore him, and keep going clean.  I hope the cravings subside soon, I'm gonna go insane if they don't.  

I'm with you on banning RadioBoy... Just what we all junkies need, a guy coming on this board asking us how to get loaded, notice how he pops up every couple of weeks with a new substance he "discovered"....
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