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Sneezing up a storm... MY WHOLE BODY HURTS !... Still at work..(11:20am) C/T day 2 !!!  I feel like **** just from like 30 mins ago.... it is funny how your feelings can change so quickly.... Thought about going to the DR. but only for a quick second...WOW...why is it everytime I feel a pain.. I think I have to take something strong... It is getting to the tuff part now.... bout to take Advil.. and I brought my IcyHot Heat Therapy..patches with me.... to help my back... and knees... my damn knees..... now it is in my arms too.... ****.... I knew it was coming... spirits are still very high.... I am going to make it thru....I think I may go home at lunch and lay down...I will keep posting... I am so glad that I found you guys...... this makes it so much easier... than to just sit and think about everything..... but I do have one quick question.... why do you sneeze and snot... and all of that good stuff???
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Sorry bout that... I got trigger happy I guess...
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so sorry you have to work through this...i have no idea why we sneeze so much..i had to take benadryl for that...My pupils were hugh, i could of scared some small children..

i use to wear sunglasses in case someone would notice., then i started thinking ok when my kids come in sneezing , runny nose, i would look straight at their pupils...LOL

you will make it, keep posting and good luck
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Thanks... I decided not to lay down... I knew I would not want to get back up..... so I fought thru my lunch break.. and then went to the coffee shoppe and got me a big one.. and a brownie... pushing thru...
LoL... I know... at least I will know all of the signs when my kids (12, 8) get abit older.....
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That's great that you can work through it.  Sounds like you're doing good.  Hang in there.
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yeah... if I had my choice I would go home and deal... but I took off next week b/c of in-laws coming in for the holidays (at my house...ugh!)...so, I better stay here... do not want to risk my job... for feeling a bit shhhhiiiiiittttttttyyyyyy!
I have not done anything today... just kinda hanging out.... but I keep telling myself that I will just catch it all up when I get back.... and feel better.... I work in Real Estate.... just dealing with my clients one hour at a time....lol... I also manage a construction company...(that is the part that I am just kinda leaving alone....high demand)... it will all work out....
I had chills at lunch... could not eat anything... but got the coffee and brownie.. and did get half of both down.... I started to sweat! haha.. I should have known... anyway... My spirts are high and my will power even higher...
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Wow !  You are doing really good on day 2.  I feel like such a whimp when I hear how others go to work during detox.  You sound so ready to get this done. Sounds like you are totally gonna make it. Great job, keep it up ! We are pulling for ya.   Mary
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Thank you so much... it has been hell...but really and truely not more than I can handle... My husband has been great... he just called from wal mart... wanted to know if he could get me anything else...I told him to get me B12 (I saw you where you said that will help on another post) so he has that for me..yay... like I said .. I want a pill now... but do not have it... and know I can not have it.... the only thing that scares me right now... is the Holidays... coming up... all of my husband family and all of my family... will be at my house!.... OMG !!!!!! How to deal ??????? How to deal??????
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