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Well every day just gets better and better for me and my wife|, A cant beleive we have been clean of hard drugs such as heroin,But with the help of some close close freinds such as Letakos,Sophie,Jimi, and Gizzy,A think we would be dead by now 101 days is awesome for us there were times i wanted to just score ad give up it was that hard,But with all the help and encouragement in the world,We had to kick our heroin habits that or our lives,Now our lives are so much better we are enjoying it something that  had forgot how to do,We are so proud of ourselvves if thats not being selfish and i no a lot of people at MH are also proud of us, I have one my familys love back my children  are also proud of us We look forward to helping others now, I have also been asked to  visit some of EDINBURGHS primary schools to talk what life can be like   and is while on heroin, But dont no what to do i would love to help if i can steer one child away from drugs then my life would be worth it, And i would not have been put on this earth for nothing,Could i ask the MH members if they would help in primary schools? And once again i would like to say thank you all for all your support in helpinng me and my wife beat our 13 year heroin addiction thanks all James and Kim
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This forum has been priceless for me also. I would never had made it this far without it. Congrats on the both of you. I cant wait till I reach triple digit numbers. Lets make sure all our children dont ever go down the same road we have. I think if we start with our own children then they will spread the word to there friends. I am glad everything is positive for you guys. Keep up the good fite.
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Congrats to you and Kim!!!  You know how proud of you both i am and you also know what we do on these occasions.......HAPPY DANCES!!!!!

If you can save just one child from this addiction you did your job.  Educating the little ones is so important.  We can no longer sweep this under the rug.  They need to know.

Now i am off to happy dance!!!!         hugs to you both        sara
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James and Kim. I'm so damn Proud of you both !! 101 days is awesome and Yes you should be proud of yourselves.. It does my Heart so well to know your children have you both back in there lives and that your family is so proud of you.. James you know how prevalent drugs are in Scotland especially Heroin. If you have been asked to speak and you feel comfortable doing this.. Go for it. as sara said if you can save just one from addiction then it is worth the effort. I also hope Kim pursues writing as we spoke of. I just do not have the words to express how I feel at this moment of the Joy I feel for you both.. Know we walk as one.. we will always walk as one.. all my love to my sister and brother.. letakos
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I woul like to thank everyone for there kind words and comments, They mean so much to us for without MH well who knows what our lives would have turned out like, When we thought we had lost everything Letakos Sophie Sara Jimi and Gizzy and all our freinds at MH helped and gave us the beleife that there was life after so long on heroin ,We would like to thank everyone for there help,support and encouragement for without the help we got as i said in our post we would probibly be dead,And i would love to educate young children but i need to be comfortable in doing it i will think long and hard on that issue before i make my decission thanks again everyone who helped us beat this terrible addiction James and Kim
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My heart is so filled with pride right now!
James, if you have the opportunity to help others, especially lil ones, you'll do that so well, go for it. I had the chance to have you on the phone and I know you can do it and the kids are gonna love you.
You guys deserve all the credit for kicking off one of the nastiest dope there is, truly inspiring.
With all my love and deep respect,
Tons of hugs and Mwah's. xoxoxo. Sophie.
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