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Hi y'all..
74 days opiate free (can someone tell me how to fix my addiction tracker?  I entered the wrong date and now can't figure it out...(:)and I am finally ready to let the cigarettes go.  I have been feeling like such a hypocrite, feeling so much shame, my addiction had me in a total panic.  I've been beating myself up about it for weeks, and then smoking more...A vicious cycle of behaviour on which I am working hard in my recovery.  Self destructive behaviour.  I was hiding it from everyone, feeling self loathing and so much fear!  Here I am walking away from another addictive substance....An act of love towards myself.  I kept telling myself that I couldn't deal with more w/d...You know what?  That's just my addicted brain.  The pain of what I'm doing to myself is much worst than any w/d could ever be.  The shame, anxiety, and fear has been paralyzing.  I am not going to let fear control me any longer.  Because I want to live the best life I can.  And this is a choice that I have...I've just made it.  Love over Fear.  I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  Thank you for inspiring me, and being a part of my journey.

Much love to all...
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Great job lulu!!!
I quit eight years ago but still chew nicotine gum.I justify it by telling myself it is way healthier tha smoking because nicotine only causes high blood pressure and may aggrevate ulcers.It's the tar and the delivery system that actually causes the cancer and emphysema.I think about quitting it alot though.
I can't helpl you with the recovery tracker.I am afraid to touch mine.If you have a cell phone with a calendar app you could just out an appointment in that date.Thats what I did once.
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Can you get to your tracker and click on edit? Follow the prompts...
I think that's how I did it! Can't remember...lol!
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Yes, what vicki said.  See if that works!

Congrats! 74 days is great! I'm happy to hear from you and littlebit.  Both on the same day and was wondering about both of you.  

Glad to hear you're stopping smoking.  See if you can rub off on Vicki!!!!!!!!!!  You will feel so much better when you do.  It'll make you feel so healthy!
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Okay. Click on your tracker name:IE Hydrocodone. Then click on "actions". You can delete the tracker and start over.

I smoke, also, and I'm not ready to quit but I wish you success!
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HAHAHAHAHAHA !    Thanks LeaAnn!   Good thing I no longer keep secrets!

Someday I'll quit, I'm sure...one thing at a time!   LOL!
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wow, good luck with the smoking.  That will be my next battle if my doctor has anything to say about it and she has many, many, many times!  Congrats on 74 days that is so big!  I really appreciated your post.
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Wow, I never associated certain people here with being smokers - I don't know why, I just never thought about it - if you had to guess, what percentage of people with addiction issues are also smokers - at least here on this forum, what would be your best guess?

Just curious - I should probably start a new thread...
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Is your cold any better Lu?

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I would guess it's pretty high but I wanted to say I was sent to alcohol classes one time for a dui and we got a break in the middle of the class and I was floored to see that every single one of these people that were in the class were smoking on the break.I still think about that.
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hey lulu..good for you. amazing how we prioritize health now. i want to quit. im at two packs a day since stopping. two fing packs. i ordered the eclectic cigarette. i think its healthy for you. i can't shock my body too much!! i smoke wwaayy to much now. stress level is thru the roof today. im not taking no more pain killer. and now the pain is killing me. good luck on stopping cigarette
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Yes it is fairly healthy .I bought one for my mom who desperately needs to quit but won't (first stage emhpysema)  she said it gives her a headache.I took a couple of hits off of itand it seemed fine to me.Plus the charger plugs into the usb port on your laptop.lol
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and no stinky smell. i have used one before. and i saved a ton of money. my son quit using that. i think the percentage of smokers use some other substance. its in our brains. once you cross the line to trying things that aren't healthy you are game for other things...drinking pot pills coke heroin. we weren't health oriented before. and we SEE the damage the CHEMICALS do..aging smelly people starring...les people smoke now..we know the results of smoking. i fear all the pain pills will have some other health consequences later in life. we've done enough damage
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Vicki-I'm going to try the addiction tracker now...
I had enough and as Sandy said I have a brutal cold.
I am 99% positive that nicotine makes anxiety worst...It doesn't really matter, only that it was making me feel terrible about myself.  I quit for four years prior to my last surgery and dance with opiates.  I was depressed and feeling sorry for myself.Cigarettes have been a crutch for me since I was 15 years old...that's over half my life!  I can't do it to myself any more.  I can hardly breathe so how can I smoke?

Thank you for the support everyone...I feel WAY better since I got it off my chest...(:

I'm doing this c/t.  It's the only way I can do it.  Had a little ceremonial break up with the cigarettes.  I feel like absolute crap physically, but way better emotionally...
One moment at a time...
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that's the mighty mouse. oh wait that's me. umm wonderwoman i know
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Mighty Mouse!!    Thats cute!! LOL
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Wow Lu, quitting smoking is HUGE. So glad you're here to keep us all on track.

remember...HYDRATE!  haha! you're the hydration queen!

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Fixed my tracker!  (thanks Vicki-as always)  
Bama-I am not feeling much like Wonder Woman tonight...More like Weezing Weepy Woman...

But hey, I am not smoking, so life IS good.  And I'm hydrating thoroughly...Of course (:
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wow, good luck with quitting the cigs !!!   I am a smoker too, i have tried since quitting opiates but my anxiety went wild, i guess i don't feel strong enough now but i want to try again this year ( maybe just a promise to myself but i want to )

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