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Feeling Good!

Today is day 21 Wow! I can't explain how different things feels and looks! I really never thought I would get this far.Now that I have everything is so real inside of me.No more secrets and lies I don't get up thinking how many pills do I have left. Life is good right now and I pray I just keep going forward! I would like to thank this web site it has helped me so much.Even if I'm sitting back reading.
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What a great thing you've done...Many congrats. Day 21 for me was a milestone; for some reason it was a moment that I started looking forward to on day one of my ct detox. You'll find that life gets better and better; good days, bad days, makes no difference. The natural high from daily life outshines anything you will ever get from pills. So, onward to day 22 and 23...
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All these great stories....I love to hear there is life after pills!  We ALL have much to be proud of!!!

Sending out hugs and cheers to ALL!!
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i am on day 10 and feel freaking awesome!! i was a ***** the first 5 days too and could not stand myself, but i am sooo glad i kept strong. I wasted a lot of my life on pain pills. Good luck and I am proud of you!!!
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Congrats Joy!!! Way togo...what you did was not easy by any means and your story gives encouragement to the rest of us in the early stages of W/D...there is LIFE after these demon pills!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 4 here, working one day at a time.
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Good job! I am so happy to hear such positive remarks on how great it feels to be clean. I am only on day 3 so am still at the semi-depressed stage of "ahhh! how do i live without them?!" I was so irritable and awful to be around last night...I felt badly for my boyfriend because I was being such a b*tch. One day at a time. And hopefully soon I will be able to write about how good I feel too.
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Great post, JOY!
It really gives people like me hope.
I'm on day 8 off FENTANYL & Darvocet!
I'm over the worst I think.
But I can't wait to get where you are!
But boy don't the days pass slowly when you are so weak from the WD's??!!!
But, I won't give up!
You go girl!
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Today in day 17 for me. I feel the same way. That fog is gone. I am so thankful for this site and for everyone sharing their stories in order to help others. I could not have made it thru the wds by myself. Congrats!
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I am very happy for you keep up the good work!!! Maybe there is hope for me still
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oh that is great!!
you keep going forward. just do not believe the lie that you can ever control it again.
i have been clean for 15 months now and i recieved that lie probably just a couple months after quitting. lucky for me, there was a bunch of replies on here who all told me not to even think about it. and i listened. i will not even take aspirin or tylenol now.
i deal with pain different ways now or just put up with it.
we have to remember and tell others our story in hopes that they never get snared too.
hey, have a great life!! hah
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