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Feeling pretty dang good

Hi everyone I had a pretty awesome day it's my birthday first birthday In 4 yrs opiate free feel pretty damn amazing my best friend took me out to breakfast then hit a meeting then my hubby took me dinner I ate finally it was yummy then off to my mom's cake ice cream all In all best day ever again thank the Lord thank you guys for all the support
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Happy happy sober birthday Corey! Love the positive post!! Continued success enjoying "real life"!
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Isn't this a WONDERFUL post!  ♫♫Happy Clean and Sober and Belly Button Birthday♫♫ (LOL)  You've come a long way since you first posted.  You are doing REALLY good!!  So glad your love bucket is getting filled :):)
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What a blessing!! So happy for you!! I mean that.
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Is it just me or does food taste just down right AMAZING since having no opiates in your body?? Happy happy late birthday to you. By the time I have my first opiate free birthday, I'll be 11 months clean!! I'm so glad you had a great day and night!
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Congratulations on being opiate free.  Although I cannot offer a lot of advice about BEING "on the other side" of addiction, I can rejoice with you.  Opiates may mask a lot of pain, but they carry a hell on earth with them.
Have a Blessed day and life!
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