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Fell back into old habits

Hi guys, well I was doing really great till I saw my ex dealer and fell straight back in the trap, I saw her and have been doing herion for a month or so now. I feel like a failure, i want this so bad and when i was doing well i felt great, i feel like crap now when i get up so. i have decided to stop with the h and take the suboxone for about 4 days to get straight again, any feedback would be great.
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Relapse happens.  Get past it and get well.  IF you do it with Sub, PLEASE do it quickly or suck up and not at all.  I relapsed and was on Sub for almost a year and even ramped way down it was worse to kick than Heroin or Methadone.  Horrible, Evil stuff.

Best Wishes, Good Luck
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Yep...relapse happens.  But...you need to use it as a learning experience.  What can you change and do differently that will help you stay clean this time?  Don't dwell on the fact that you screwed up.  It's okay and it happens.  Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do what it takes to stay clean.  Have you checked into some kind of aftercare?

And I agree with Wolf....if you're gonna use the sub...be careful.  I hear it's a b*tch to come off of if you use it for a long time.
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I suggest you stick w the subs for a lot longer than 4 days.. u got a mental disease called addiction .. jus like depression u take meds to help u thru it.. subs is no different give it a try for a little while until u get professional help for the reason u have this disease and get the tools to learn to control it then take your self off the medication
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