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Fentanyl 12 patch & Zofran & oxycodone 5mg

Why won't my 90 yr old moms Dr. test for Seratonin Syndrome which my mother exibits almost all but 2 symptoms of and tells me don't call them seizures,, it's only because she is weak and dehydrated and I say no, they are seizures and she passes out and shakes uncontrollably with no ability to use hands or legs that shake and freeze up ? Just keeps giving another pill like all other specialists that cannot find any name or problem from all the tests they've done.
Right now mom's in bed moaning & groaning, has chills up and down both sides of body, is shaking and begging me for oxy I was weening her off of since a fentanyl 12 patch was put on her while I took weekend off for sanity reasons & now I am at a lost since reading patch forum.  I knew and told mom it was 100 times worse than morphine. I had her down to Gabapentin & Half oxy 5 mg after seeing all the pills she was taking.(I was in car accident & couldn't take her to all Dr.s appts. Please help, I could go on but mom & I were eating steak & having Martini's last year.  She was so healthy, hard for me to keep up w/her.  I'm scared to death now she has patch.
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Sorry, I do not have an answer, but wanted to reply so that your post will get bumped up.  I hope you will get help.  
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