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Fentanyl Detox

I need advice from someone who has traveled the road that I am starting down.  My pain mgmt dr. put me on Fentanyl 50mcg/hr 6 months ago after i had my 3rd spinal surgery. I told him from day one that this wasn't an acceptable long term solution for me.  After a couple of months of being on the 50s i insisted that we back down to the 25s because I had heard how addictive these patches were.  So I have been on the 25s for about 4 months.  About 6 weeks ago i started experiencing EXTREME fatigue, loss of appetite and headache which were constant.  I was supposed to replace my patch every 48 hrs.  I started noticing that I was getting exremely jittery, nauseaus and sweating after having the patch on for only 35 hrs or so.  My life since has been total hell. I feel like this medicine has stolen my spirit.  I am not myself.  I am very irritable and grumpy.  Everyone around me has noticed the change.  So I went to my pain mgmt dr and told him that I want off of the Fentanyl. He then proceeded to insist that I was doing something wrong because he had never had anyone in his 10yrs of using the med have these effects.  Then when I told him that I was doing nothing different he said that I must be going through MENOPAUSE!!!!  I am 33 years old and I hardly think that is a factor.  So after reading some of the old postings I saw that there are other people who have had these same effects.    
So he said he wanted me to wear a Catapres patch to help with the withdrawl symptoms and wear my Fentanyl patch for 4 days then replace it and wear that one for 5 days and come off that way.  I haven't noticed ANY relief from the Catapres patch.  I get to the point that I literally want to pull my hair out and put my head throught the wall because I can't stop moving.  My body is so jittery that it is driving me insane.  I finally got to the point that I just broke down and put another patch on because if I went another minute that way I was scared I would hurt myself.  When I consulted with my Spinal Specialist he said that I should just rip off both patches and go cold turkey from everything.  I am so confused.  I need advice from someone who has experienced this and understands where i am coming from, not some dr. whose text book says that it shouldn't be that difficult.  Someone please help me.  I will take any suggestions that you can give on how to get through this.  I want my life back.  I am desperate!

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hi, i have never used the patch but i have a friend here who has.  she detoxed from it.  i will send her a note to check out your post.  not sure if she is around or not but she will be sooner or later...good luck to you
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I came off of 200 mcg of Fentanyl 301 days ago....I'm actually signing off of my computer right now, but I will be back....and I will send you a private message (PM) later ok?  Your signs and symptoms, I can tell you, ARE common, just so you know for sure that you're not alone...I'm so sorry for the timing here, but I have to get a few things done so I can take my daughter off to work...I WILL get back to you, I promise....Hang in there.  

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I know how your feeling. I detoxed cold turkey off 150mcg over a 100 days ago. Me and Jacqui can relate to you big time. I went through almighty hell! I am still suffering. If it wasn't for jacqui helping me on here, I would have lost my mind! Fentanyl is a nasty , nasty drug! It's the strongest pain medicine out there! It's a 100 times stronger than morphine and it stronger than herion. You will get through this! You just have to be strong. No medicines worked for me when I detoxed too. Fentanyl has its own crazy symptoms. I know when I talk to ppl getting off fentanyl, they are like" you are so right about all the w/d symptoms"! If you need anything let me know! Just PM me. Me and Jacqui can help you big time! Be strong! I am praying for you!
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One of the few fentanyl analogues is 10,000 times more powerful than morphine....used mostly to sedate large (read elephnats here) animals an such. Fentanyl is a very interesting drug in that it does not cross the blood / brain barrier as other pain meds do - treat fentanyl jsut as you would a narcotic - Thomas Recipe is good - Amino Acid Protocl is extremely valid - some will help avoid adding an antidepressant to your meds while others act as stiulants or sedatives.....look at right hand side of page for box that says Health Discussions or whatever to find the Thomas Recipe and Amino Protocols ................and best of luck to you ..............
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I read your note (granted it was written in 2008) but you were on the same does i am now and want OFF so bad! When i try its absolute HELL!
Could REALLY use a friend and some support with this, feel totally alone.
If you have private email, maybe we can do this that way?

Thank you!
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