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Fentanyl Diversion

I recently underwent a lumbar epidural block.  Being in EMS for over 8 years, I naturally wanted to know what medications would be given prior to the procedure and in what quantity.  I was informed that I would be receiving 2mg of Versed, and 50mcg of Fentanyl; both IVP.
  I have never taken anything stronger than tramadol for pain, so I expected to get significant relief from the fentanyl during the procedure.
  Not only did I get NO relief, I never felt any effect of the medication (drowsiness, ect.).  I experienced a brief period of dizziness after the Versed, but retain total memory of the entire procedure.  It was especially painful.
  As I thought about it afterwards, I decided to discuss my concerns with my wife who is an emergency department RN w/ over 9 years experience.
  We agreed that with Fentanyl being widely abused, it would be appropriate to get a urine drug screen.
  Approximately 9 hours after the medication was allegedly administered, I tested negative for opiates.
  According to the FDA, the half-life of fentanyl is approximately 218 minutes.  How many half-lifes would it take before the substance would no longer be detectable in urine?
  Who would I report this possible issue to?  Thanks.
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Dear uscoastie,
Unfortunately, Fentanyl can usually only be dected through GCMS testing.  Fentanyl is in the same class as Morphine, however, it is synthetic and does not metabolize like other opiates, ie Vicodin, Morphine, Codeine.  The urine test is testing for metabolites, ie norhydrocodone, hydromorphone.  It depends on the test that is being used and that the assay cutoff is for that particular test.  The test for Fentanyl is specific to look for that drug and a normalized value can be detected usually 3-4 days after.  You were given such a small dose IV, it may have been a much shorter time span.
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My girlfriend tested positive for fentanyl after almost 5 mouths latter on a urine test. She was in a drug court program in jail. And they didn't test her till she had completed and was to be sent to a halfway house. She was a chonice iv user. About 3 grams a day for about 3 years straight. I don't know the mil of the drug per dose. But I know it never should have been sold on the street. The amount she was doing in one shot. Would be a instet death to 20 peps that were non dependent. Do dought about it. What 3 extra weeks to test positive. 4,0000 kilos of strong street fentanyl. So if I get a hair test. Its not been 90 yet.But its geting close and this is the only way I hope I can get this to prove she never used in jail. Will it work and which one do I get? Thank you guy!!
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