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Fentanyl to oxys to codeine

i have been of Fentanyl for over two months and as of yesterday off the oxys too as i still have pain i am now down to codeine wich i am taking a little more then i should i have not been abusing the clonazepam and i still have tylenal 3 wich i do not take due to the caffiene or tylenal component, when i run out of codeine will i get sick again?
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No one can predict how u will feel...we r all different...2 months on the patch is not a long time...i dont know ur time on opxy nor dose...as a rule we often feel as bad as we expect to feel..there is such a thing as mind over matter..a positive atitude does wonders

codeine is a weak drug in comparison to most...but if ur using a codeine with tyleonol beware of the 4000 mg tylenol limit to avoid liver toxicity

No one can anser u for sure...what is ur goal?  do u want to stop all narcotics?
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i was on the fentanyl for over 3 years i have been off fentanyl for 2 months, stepdown to oxys i still had a about 12 18 mg oxys wich i used for pain once a day befor bed i am out and off of those now i only have 3mg codiene almost gone and then as a last resort i will take the tylenal 3, i am very selective about my high and fentanyl was my demon of choice, oxys i could manage having lots on hand and not abusing i had rough 7 week no sleep detox from fentanyl of wich 6 days where a blackout from no sleep, i alsp have clonazepam for those anxiety attacks i might have so i should be fine right? i am just a little afraid of having more HIV neuropathy and needing more pain meds for sleep, i am being positive, my mood just seems a little flat this last week thanks for caring!
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