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I have fibromyalgia ,for about 16 yrs..hydrochodone helps so much with the symptoms. I've tried to go off it several times but either wasn't successful or went back on it due to fibromyalgia symptoms . Now I'm needing more and more taking 4-6 daily just to function . I don't know what to do. my daughter is a nurse and says that I also have to be true to myself and the pain I suffer. But I feel like I'm in "such a trap" and I hate it!
Any one have any advice for me? Idid thing I might go see a pain management doctor after Christmas ..
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Foxy I was on hydrocodone also. 10mg 4 or 5 times a day. It was for nerve pain. It got to where it was not doing me any good. I quit over 2 months ago and my pain is less than it was when I was taking it. The pills mess with our own receptors and get then out of balance. It takes a while for them to start working again. When you first stop the pain is worse than when you started the pills then it gets better as they begin to heal. The Dr. put me on Lycira but the side affects were to bad for me. I just take Advil. Believe it or not that is working for me now. The pain management Dr. said to take 3 ever 4 to 6 hours. Keep posting and someone will on here that can help you better than I can. God Bless you
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