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Fibromyalgia and norco usage

I am up to taking 20 Norco a day for my fibromyalgia.  Part of this is pain, but part is the agony and misery of feeling the worst mental fatigue and depression, anxiety, and panic ever.  Since diagnosed with fibro, my whole personality has changed-can't enjoy anything or stuff I used to; don't feel happy; can't have fun or happiness with my son; don't want to go anywhere or do anything----AND THIS IS WHETHER I TAKE THE NORCO OR NOT!  The Norco (at a certain dose-high-gives me a temporary reprieve from the pain and the makes me feel normal-I don't feel "high" or "euphoric", just in a good mood and happy, able to talk and do things with those I love.  So, what do I do, how in the world can I stop taking it???
And don't bother me with meditation, acupuncture, herbs, etc.-tried it all.  Have had full-blown fibro for 3 yrs and diagnosed with CFS, IBS, and a spastic bladder back in 90's.  Had many problems and medical conditions, such as the jerky legs and arms and aches, as well as arthritis and a back problem with every gastro problem there is-never thought they were related till I matched EVERY symptom doing research plus every precursor (like hypothyroidism), and have family history.  So what do I do, I keep running out of Norco, and I really don't want to fry my liver, but I am desperate and feel like dying anyway-I've lost everything (recently 66 lbs in 6 months and my hair is falling out, wrinkles are appearing. look 10 yrs older, and my skin is baggy and dry and saggy)-so I have no control, no energy, no happiness, nothing to look forward to, miserable, pain, more pain, can't exercise-used to run 4 miles/day and swim-and I went to school for 10 yrs to graduate summa *** laude in marine biology for nothing.
Tried lots of stuff, nothing works, I want my life back-and I would not choose tis for the world.
I don't care if I die from Norco addiction cause it's the only thing that makes me feel good, but I run out about 2 weeks into it.

And please don't tell me to go to God, I have prayed every night and nothing ever happens, as a matter of fact things have only gotten worse-roof leaks and falling in, holes in wall from my teen, dogs poop and pee all over and stains, husband never mows cause he works offshore and too tired, my mom owns this place and keeps threatening to evict us, we have no money-sometimes for food, too, I have extreme anxiety and panic that has developed over the last several years and with unpredictable illness, can't go on job interviews (just missed a chance of a lifetime), have 3 abscessed teeth, and staph sores all over my upper back and upper arms for some insane reason.  And I can't find a damn doctor to treat me, as a matter of fact 3 doctors have told me in the last 2 months they were dropping as a patient.  I know I look really bad, one nurse said I look like a holocaust victim or zombie.  They all probably think I take meth (which is big here) cause I look this way, but it is one drug I would die rather than take (very ancient history).

I can't wait 15 more days, oh God I want to die, and now I have a really bad toothache, help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have Fibromyalgia too. I take Vicodin every day. My doctor only prescribes me 2 a day. Like that's enough! I feel just like you do. Life is horrible. I used to be very active and now it is a struggle to do normal everyday things. I am going to a pain clinic in Louisville ,Ky this month. I have heard that the doctor there is amazing and he can treat Fibromyalgia . I understand your pain. I feel like I am all alone. Here is my email address. You can email me if you would like. ***@****
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get yoour self to a pain clinic !!! there are drs that will treat you and your pain. but you got to be real with the pain meds. if he puts you on 4 a day ys cant take 10 a day cause ya run out.. pain clinics are strict about taking your meds. if you ask for more than prescribed and ask for more early they will pull you from the program.. i have a brother that goes to one and he said.. NEVER let them know you take a months worth of meds in 2 weeks because they will drop you from the program and you will be left with  no meds at all... check your area for a dr that can get you scheduled to attend a pain clinic that willl put you on meds and keep you on meds to manage your pain and you only need to see the doc once a month to get your meds fillled... but never never ask for meds early or let them know you ran out beforethe end of the month because they will drop you as a patiant... jeffjeff
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Hi there and welcome to the forum.  I am sorry you are going through all of this.  I know it feels like life just isn't fair sometimes and it isn't.  I know what it feels like to look around and see everyone else living life and thinking "How in the world can they do all of this stuff, I can barely take care of myself."  I have caught myself feeling jealous of those full of life and energy.  I don't have fibromyalgia but I did have a very illusive injury that took forever to figure out and the pain completely drained me from my energy and life.  I know you don't feel like it but keep pushing through, there has to be answer.  Fibromyalgia is too common these days, I know there has to be a better treatment than Norco.  One thing about drugs like Norco, they make depression WORSE!  Yeah, you feel "normal" or "okay" while you take it but you feel worse when it wears off.

What other medications are you taking?  You sound like you are normally a very bright, ambitious person.  To graduate at the top of your class like that in such a hard degree is amazing!  Why did your doctors drop you?  Can you travel a little ways to a bigger or different town that might have a more proactive doctor?  I have come to find out that doctors even in the same type of practices can have a huge range in differences when it comes to really helping their patients get better versus just trying to cover up the symptoms.  Just don't give up.  I did the same as you...acupuncture, herbs, vitamins, chiropractic, everything!!!!  

I know there are new meds out there for people with conditions like yours.  Can you try to find a doctor that specializes in this?  The doctors that dropped you and that you are/have been seeing, are they general practioners or family doctors?  I think it would be worth the effort to find someone who actually specializes in this illness.  Does anyone know what type of doctor specializes in fibromylagia?  Would it be a rheumatolgist?  I am not sure myself.  I just know there are other and probably a lot better meds than norco.  Please try not to depend on the norco, you see how it ends up for you.

And if your doctor is suspecting meth use, why don't you tell them to give you a drug test so that they can trust you.  That would be terrible to go to a doctor and have them not trust you.  It seems that many doctors are very leary of patients these days who really need help.  I just don't get it.  It seems that a lot of times people that need the most help are turned away and somehow there are people that fake things and get the medications that the sick people really need!  And it is because of people like that (that fake illnesses, I don't mean to offend anyone) that cause doctors not to trust patients.  It is just such a frustrating predicament to be in.  I have seen a good friend go through much pain and have doctors just flat out say they would not prescribe a narcotic medication even though she had a major surgery and was in severe pain!  And then I have heard of doctors giving percocet for minor pain problems to other people.  I just don't get it.  It just goes to show that all doctors are different.  I do think they have a responsibility to not overprescribe and to monitor patient's medications and doctors that do that are doing their job.  It is just a fine line of balance that needs to be achieved and I think when you have an illusive illness like fibromyalgia most doctors may not know the most contemporary treatment.

Do you have good insurance?  Do you have to be referred to a specialist or can you go to one on your own?  And as far as pain clinics, don't you have to be referred by a doctor to one?  I have never went to one so I am not familiar with the procedures.  Others proabably know and can offer information on that.

Prayers for you!

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I am so sorry!!!  I agree with a pain clinic.  You may wan to try the kraton that I tried.  My mom has fibro and I know swimming realy helps her.

I am so glad to here some one else has problems with dogs.  We have four dogs.  One is a puppy that is not potty trained.  When I went c/t I didn't have the energy to keep up on the potty training and befor you knew it ALL the dogs were peeing in the house.  My house reeks and its brand new !

What is happening in 15 days?

Keep asking people if they know of anyone that can help you, I even strike up conversatons about with the check out girl at Walgreens.  You would be suprised at who may have a wealth of information for you.

Your post touched my heart!  If yu lived by me I'd drive right over and try to help you!!  I'll keep looking for your post.  Just remember you are not alone!!!!
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I have similar problems as you do and all I have to say is that DOGS are assholes , husbands are assholes , kids are assholes and fibro is the bigest ******* of all. GOD on the other hand is not. You have to really have faith and believe and with your prayers thank him for helping you in advance, as this is where the faith lies. Then prayers will be answered on his terms. It will work for you really. And maybe the prayer answers will just be stronger drugs who knows but my dr. keeps giving me them and it helps for now. What really works for me is tramadol in morning , vicodan in afternoon and tramadol again at night with a glass or 2 of red wine. Maybe not the best advice/combo but helps me take care of my 4 kids/ 2 dogs / 3 cats/ 2 birds and fish oh yea and husband who is too tired from working all the time to even have simpathy for my ****.  I dont know if any of this helps you but I think just knowing that your not alone with all this and also that there are always people out there worse off. Keep praying as I will for you and that the 15 days hurry by. Peace  ***@****
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I just wanted to say hello and to let you know that i too took norco (lortabs) for the past 5 yrs.  My last 1/2 tab was at 6;30 a,m. Feb.16th....That's 15 days ago.  I am not a young person ( only in my mind :)  )        I did misuse the lortabs, they just did not take care of my pain anymore,  I don't know if that's tolerance build-up and just needing more but that's how it seemed.  I am so happy to say that these darn things are out of my life!!!!!!!!!  I NEVER thought that I could quit anything, much less the lortabs.  I did finally find a Dr. who helped me out with the clonidine, which helped keep me stable during the withdrawls, they really, really helped me!  They help keep your blood pressure from going through the roof.  See if a Dr. will help you detox, get a few valium, and take sparringly!! if needed.  The imodium, you WILL need it.   Find the Thomas Recipe and get what you can from it.   See if you can get Lyrica from a Dr. it's suposed to help fibro.  I don't know yet cause I haven't picked my prescription from pharmacy.  I am really hopeful that it will help with my pain issues.  Post often as possible, ask questions, there alot of realy nice people on here!

Hugs to you
Ella789          opiate free for 15 days, no regrets!!!
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I was diagnosed with Fibro about 6 months ago,  today i dont know who i am.  the person looking back from the mirror is not the woman i grew to know, this is a person in pain to the point of crying almost a nervous breakdwn, so servere she doesnt eat, so much anxiety and panic she doesnt leave the house let a long her bedroom..lyrica only made it worse, nurotin cymbalya, ativan, and enuff sleeplin pills to kill a small elephamt can anyone help
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